The magic of snow and the warmth of a fireplace in winter, refreshment and long walks in the summertime. A house in the mountains is the ideal place to take refuge, forgetting commitments and frenetic pace.

Wood is undoubtedly the undisputed protagonist of mountain design, from the walls to the floor, from the furnishings to the accessories. Natural, resistant and functional, it is able to harmonize with rustic and modern styles.

The best wooden floors for the mountain home

What is the most suitable wood essence for our house in the mountains?

First of all, we must take into account the environment in which the parquet will be installed: an area subject to heavy snow and cold temperatures. Therefore, it is good to choose for an essence that does not expand too much with the variation of temperatures, resistant to water and humidity. The best floors can therefore be pre-finished in Oak and Teak, sturdy woods also suitable for more delicate spaces such as the kitchen and bath.

The alternative for the mountain home is definitely the modern style. Choice can fall again on a woody essence resistant to cold temperatures and to humidity, like Oak or Teak, but playing with different poses and finishes to give a original touch to the environments. Modern, in fact, means efficient and practical, but also aesthetically sophisticated.

A prefinished oak parquet also combines perfectly with elements and materials contrasting elements, such as steel and glass, to give character and personality to the rooms. The carpets and curtains with prints and diverse textures can enhance the living area, together with comfortable sofas, chairs and armchairs.

Surface processing

Now let’s see which processing to opt for.

The surface processing acts on the noble part of the plank to obtain different types of effect. According to Gazzotti’s experience it is advisable to move towards processes such as the hand-planed or brushed ones. In fact, the hand-planed parquet gives the wooden floor a beautiful taste of antiquity and craftsmanship typical of a mountain home. It is one of the favorite choices for those who love looking wooden floors lived slightly irregular.

The brushed wooden floor is a very natural parquet, characterized by a rough surface that emphasizes the natural grain of the wood, making it suitable for frequent trampling and less subject to the signs of time.

Both solutions are perfect for the house in the mountains: you just need to choose on the basis of your personal wishes, tastes and habits.


The most suitable finishing

The finishing is the system used to protect the naturalness of an openly porous material as wood is. Particularly effective is the oiled or natural varnished Oak, capable of enhancing the spaces and integrating perfectly with the external landscape.

Both oiled and varnished parquet, if maintained and cleaned with the right products, can keep their beauty for a long time, postponing polishing for a long time.

Green light then for days of skiing and walks in the woods. When you return, the parquet will know how to welcome you to your home in the mountains with its warm, relaxing and comfortable atmosphere.