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L The collection for those who love wood in its most natural shades, enhanced by the natural presence of tannin inside the trunks intended for treatment. Lights and shadows for timeless beauty. A production process respectful of both the environment and people, using only certified materials that come from sustainable cultivation forests.

Thanks to the smoking process, the wood remains more flexible and is less fragile.

Vintage includes a wide range of colors, available in 3 sizes and in different finishes for brushed surfaces, “sawn-cutting” or “antique” effect floors.

All Plancia 10 and XLarge products are also bevelled on 4 sides, while the Nat finish, adopted for the Oak essence, allows to obtain a finished product, but with all the visual and tactile characteristics of the raw one.

This worn effect is even more evident in Oak Boston and Oak Toronto, where the finish gives the floor a stylishly worn out effect.


All the products of the Vintage Line have a microporous finish that absorbs maintenance oil, “protects” the wood and hides any surface scratches. This eco-friendly, oil-effect, open-pore finish expresses a gracefully haptic, natural  sensation.

All the products of the Vintage line are brushed, with the exception of Vintage Plancia 15 Walnut, which is sanded.


According to the formats and finish colours, the Vintage Smoked line range includes:


Dimensions Measures
Width 195 mm
Length da 1200 a 2300 mm
Thickness 15 mm


Dimensions Measures
Width 155 / 195 / 250 mm
Length da 1200 a 2300 mm
Thickness 15 mm

The Vintage Smoked lines are available in the Feeling selection, in the following colors:

Stromboli, Ischia, Panarea.


All Vintage floors are ready for use and can be laid on cement screeds or over pre-existing floors if compact and properly degreased.