The color of summer? Without a doubt, white! And the same goes for the interior design: there is no more suitable color for the decor of your beach house. Neutral, bright, elegant and perfect for dressing both modern and classic homes, total white furniture is perfect for enjoying summer to the full. 

So here are some practical tips for the perfect total white decor of your beach house.

Which white to choose

There is not just one white. There are endless shades to choose from to create a total white furniture. 

For whichever shade you opt for, the main advice is not to mix warm and cold whites in the same room. Similarly, it is good not to overdo it with cold tones, to avoid making the house excessively impersonal and aseptic.

Total white, but with attitude

arredamento total white

Contrary to what one might think, total white furniture hides pitfalls: if not dosed with care, your beach house could be excessively cold and devoid of personality. 

If we cannot use the use of colors to give movement to the environments, we can however mix different styles to make spaces more lively. If you prefer the minimal style, you can instead work on delicate hints of color: textiles and small furnishing accessories in neutral tones will allow you to have white as the dominant color, preventing the rooms from appearing flat and cold.

Total white furniture: the materials

The floor is a key element to give personality to interior and it is even more so to give warmth to a total white furniture. If the dark parquet creates a surprising chromatic contrast, the honey-colored one goes perfectly with any type of style and the bleached parquet helps to make everything more uniform and harmonious. Whatever color you choose for your parquet, if you opt for an Italian herringbone installation, the result will leave you breathless. 

And oak wood is also perfect to be mixed with furniture: therefore wide with wooden tops in the kitchen, living room and bathroom. White painted iron, very light marble and pastel colors are also perfect to match total white. 

Finally, plants, flowers, paintings and a design chandelier will help you make your beach house even more personal and welcoming