Are a house by the sea and parquet floors two irreconcilable elements?

Exposed to humidity, salt and weather, hardwood floors may at first seem like a risky choice for a home just a few steps from the beach. But parquet, if of good quality and treated properly, is also a suitable solution for the holiday home.


The parquet, perfect for your house by the sea

The classic scenario in which we imagine a parquet is a luxurious interior with soft lighting, preferably framed by a lit fireplace, in front of which to sip a good glass of wine. But you can enjoy the naturalness and comfort of wood elsewhere as well.

Parquet floors in a beach house are not just a valid proposal, but a style option that can make the summer comfortable and pleasant.

Wood is a good thermal insulator and has known insulating properties. It follows that a parquet floor allows you to keep the house warm in winter and cool in summer, proving to be an excellent ally on days that are too hot. Wood also needs little care. It is not a delicate material and is able to withstand trampling, falling objects and even sand.

The solution is in the type of wooden floor you choose. Teak parquet represents an interesting orientation, as it is resistant and naturally waterproof. Another suitable essence is Oak which, thanks to specific treatments, is equally solid and vigorous.


Oak and Teak essences for your beach house  

casa al mare

The precious Teak wood, directly from the forests of Asia, brings the classic nautical flavor to the mainland. This wood, in fact, comes from the lush tropical forests of Asia and is waterproof by nature, so much so that it is traditionally used for the manufacture of ship hulls. It is used outdoors for natural and classy coverings near swimming pools and in green spaces. It gives character and refinement to the household and professional spaces in which it is laid. Perfect for marine-inspired décor, it can be illuminated by white walls and combined with a touch of blue in the upholstery for a result of sure appeal.

A valid alternative, always precious, is Oak. This essence turns out to be a material suitable for multiple housing solutions. It lends itself to different processes, as well as being very current in the interior design panorama.


Ad hoc processing and finishing

You will not spend too much time in the beach house. For this reason, the maintenance of the type of parquet you choose must be as simple and fast as possible.

By choosing the brushed finish, you will not have to worry about the sand. This treatment removes the most tender and easily damaged layers of wood, making the noble part more resistant. The brushing offers excellent visibility to the wood grain and allows to obtain a natural, material and authentic final effect.

The possible finishes range from natural oiled to painted treatment, always using certified products guaranteed to last over time.

Let the parquet also accompany you in your moments of relaxation on vacation, giving you and those around you naturalness and living well-being.