Why imagine, when you can immerse yourself in virtual, immersive environments?

Virtual Showrooms are a truly immersive experience. For this reason, we have created a completely new, interactive and unique one, usable from any device.


The new Gazzotti Virtual Showroom

The features of our new Virtual Showroom include:

– the improvement of the 3D development of the setting. From a showroom, we moved to a prestigious two-level apartment with terrace, located on the hills of Bologna;

– the improvement of overall navigability, which can be enjoyed in an immersive manner thanks to the subjective view and POI (Points Of Interest). These allow you to connect to the gazzotti.it website to receive more information and open individual galleries of each collection; feature, the latter, which is exclusive to the Virtual Showroom;

– the opportunity to watch two of our emotional videos, namely those relating to Life (in the room reserved for this collection, on the upper floor) and to Vintage;

– the implementation of the new lines and collections, along with the relative single slats. The Virtual Showroom is the only Gazzotti “place” where you can admire the entire range of essences available;

– the implementations of some of the antique wooden furnishings available thanks to the Gazzotti – A&B Rosa dei Legni collaboration, which have been inserted to scale;

geolocation: since the residence stands on the hills of Bologna, the views that can be seen from the large windows and from the terrace represent the faithful 3D reconstruction of some areas of the city, created thanks to Google: Gazzotti has in fact always had an international scope and solid roots in the city of Bologna.

We are waiting for you to live a totally personalized experience: https://gazzotti.it/virtual-showroom/.



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