Life by Gazzotti is the parquet floor that characterizes every environment with its surface enriched by knots, even large ones, cracks and subtle irregularities.

Let’s discover its distinctive features together.

The handcrafted collection

In the products of the Life line, the large slates are made of French Oak, an essence capable of enhancing the pleasant color effects of the wood, especially in large or medium-sized environments. Life is a three-layer parquet – where the base layer is also made of French Oak, like the upper one – to guarantee maximum stability over time, even in the presence of large formats.

The natural characteristics of wood are enhanced through the use of artisanal manufacturing techniques. These give the parquet a pleasant, antique effect and differentiate it from industrial products. The irregularities and knots of the wood are, in fact, enhanced by the grouting, partly flush and partly waning, and by the soft hand planing. The large format of the boards is underlined by the beveling on all four sides. Also in this case, the dent is done manually, in order to create aesthetically pleasing irregularities.

Beveled parquet

But what does beveling means?

Beveling is a surface processing of the parquet, an operation that allows the authenticity of the wood to be aesthetically enhanced. A way to emphasize the identity of the floor and give a distinctive touch to the space in which it is installed.

Beveling consists of a more or less deep chamfering of the sharp edge. The intervention is carried out mainly on medium and large formats. When done manually, as in the case of Life, the beveling never takes on a perfectly uniform shape, but shows slight variations from one point to another which make each board unique and particular. The bevels of the side-by-side planks also generate a light V-shaped groove which gives three-dimensionality and depth to the parquet. Thanks also to the surface finishes, the bevel favors reflections and plays of light on the edge of the table, accentuating the aesthetic effects of the bevel.

When the beveling occurs on all four sides of a plank, the parquet stands out more to the eye. The frame effect is more pronounced: the individual planks are highlighted and the parquet becomes the absolute protagonist of the environment.

Hand-planed parquet


In the Life collection we also find a soft manual planing. Hand-planed parquet represents one of the favorite options for lovers of wooden floors with an antique atmosphere. This flooring is able to transport those who observe it back in time, giving the sensation of a traditional product made with craftsmanship. Hand planing gives the wooden floor a slightly hollowed appearance, which makes it pleasant to the touch and sight. The contrast between a “lived in” treatment and more contemporary indoor spaces can create truly surprising aesthetic effects.

Gazzotti’s Life line is created for those who love textured floors, with a strong personality and attention to detail. The collection is available in the following options: Oak Degas, Oak Matisse, Oak Monet, Oak Morisot, Oak Perla, Oak Pissarro, Oak Renoir, Oak Sisley.

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