Oak parquet is one of the most popular floors thanks to its extraordinary aesthetic qualities that make it suitable for any type of furniture. Furthermore, depending on the processes and finishes, this essence can give unique shades and sensations. 

So let’s try to find out more about this unsurpassed wood.

Oak parquet: the wood 

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Oak is an incredibly long-lasting wood, characterized by excellent resistance to compression, bending and to attacks by microorganisms and parasites. 

What most distinguishes this essence is its iridescent hue which has shades of sapwood white, up to the stronger yellow-brown shades of the heartwood.   

The oak has a coarse texture and a straight and irregular grain.

The oak parquet 

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Oak parquet has always been considered one of the most elegant furnishing solutions. It is a flooring able to embellish the rooms and make every space intimate and warm, qualities that make it particularly appreciated; moreover, its natural resistance and longevity make it a long-lasting and therefore highly amortizable investment. 

 The wide range of shades and shades then make the oak capable of interpreting any design project in an always effective and never banal way.

Possible solutions

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As we have already mentioned, the choice of the laying design and the different finishes make the oak parquet floor with many different souls. 

Bleached oak and natural oak are the most requested shades, ideal for giving light and freshness to even the smallest rooms. Gazzotti18 white oak, in the different variants proposed, is particularly elegant and is characterized by a color that fragments and mixes with the natural one of the essence: the result is a refined and trendy parquet, able to characterize the environment in which it is installed. 

The planed oak parquet from Gazzotti18’s Life line has very evident veins and is particularly loved by those who prefer a rustic style. This process gives the parquet a natural look with a great aesthetic impact, able to create a pleasant contrast even with the most modern furnishing styles. 

Gazzotti18 also proposes a product in heat-treated oak (Smile line – Quercia Temperata): this process gives the parquet a browner color ranging from hazelnut to tobacco. Perfect to be installed in a classic style environment, this parquet creates a pleasant contrast even with a minimal and monochromatic design. A heat-treated oak floor is perfect for dressing rooms with the suggestion of an ancient and ever-present taste. 

To find out which oak parquet is best suited to your style and needs, come and visit us in our showroom or contact one of our salesmen.