The value and sturdiness that characterize a teak parquet make it one of the most requested floorings. But what are the peculiarities of this wood?

The wood species present on the market are really numerous and differ in technical characteristics, formats and finishes. There is one, however, which is perfect for all eventualities and which can be used both as outdoor parquet and as indoor parquet. We are talking about teak, one of the best woods ever, practically flawless.

Teak parquet: origins and appearance

teak parquet

Teak is a high quality, extremely noble raw material from Asian forests. Teak is characterized by a medium-fine texture, by a generally straight grain and by irregular and wavy veins. The natural color ranges from light yellow, brown-chocolate, red or even black of the heartwood. With exposure to light, it tends to become more uniform with color tones reaching golden. The aesthetics vary depending on the place of origin: Teak will never have a single aspect.

The climatic and mineralogical characteristics of the area where the plant is grown, the collection point and the orientation of the trunk are the sources of uniqueness and unrepeatability of the variants.

Teak wood: the applications 

The structure and composition of a teak parquet make it excellent to be used also for the construction of boats. It is naturally impregnated with oils that act as a barrier against the penetrating and corrosive action of water, be it a constant or sporadic presence, and against humidity, as it is a very stable wood. This feature also makes it suitable for humid homes and areas of the house with intense use, such as the bathroom and the kitchen. We find it in Gazzotti’s Vintage Naturals collection, the line dedicated to the care and reworking of the finest wood species.

Teak is well resistant to saltiness, climatic changes – temperature range, hot and dry temperatures, freezing and sub-zero ones – and atmospheric agents in general. It is precisely these qualities that make it a wood widely used in outdoor spaces. That’s the reason why Gazzotti also offers it  – along with another precious wood, ipè – in the Freetime line: solid wood floors, which can be installed on the ground or on the wall, ideal for covering gardens, terraces, pool edges, piers and walkways, and making them even more welcoming and pleasant.

The teak floor is therefore flexible, durable and aesthetically beautiful. It can be walked on daily, without creating problems. If you are looking for a wood that can last for decades without the need for special care and maintenance, teak is exactly what you are looking for.