A parquet floor made with restored recovered wood is the perfect choice to combine elegance and a reduced ecological footprint.

In recent years, more and more people are looking for new solutions to make their homes sustainable. The choice of materials is one of the most important factors to consider. Recycling and reuse have become increasingly widespread trends and restored wood parquets have established themselves as no less than must-haves, for creating a unique and characteristic style in any environment.

Thanks to its versatility, this type of parquet adapts perfectly to different furnishing styles, from country chic to industrial, from Scandinavian to classic, becoming the ideal basis for creating the home of your dreams. Choosing a recovered wood floor means making a sustainable choice and helping to reduce the environmental impact of the production of new wood products. Furthermore, this type of parquet has a long life and can be easily repaired if damaged, thus avoiding the need to replace it completely.

Creating a parquet starting from barrels, beams, boats, piers or anything else certainly does not come at the expense of quality. The wood that will then be chosen to become a floor is carefully selected and subjected to all the necessary processes and treatments so that it can regain its natural splendor. Recovered wood parquet is therefore no less resistant or durable than new wood. The wood, once cleaned, nailed and worked, has unchanged characteristics compared to a new essence.

Parquet with recovered wood: the briccole

For those who are fascinated by the signs of history, Gazzotti offers a special parquet with restored recovered wood: the briccole.

Gazzotti’s briccole are made with poles from the Venetian lagoon, used to delimit the navigable areas. The oak wood spends years immersed in the lagoon seabed where, worked by nature acquires an aspect rich in nuances and veins. Every wooden floor, especially if worked with artisan processes, is original in texture and colour. A briccole wood parquet is even more so and takes the concept of uniqueness to the max levels. Briccole are carefully selected and worked by expert craftsmen, who enhance all their charm to give new atmospheres and emotions to every room.

However, choosing a parquet with reclaimed wood is not enough to contribute to the protection of the environment. Attention should also be paid to the finishes to which the wooden floor has been subjected. And, in line with many green building criteria, Gazzotti uses a range of sustainable high-tech paints.