Gazzotti introduces a new range of vinylic floors, the ideal solution in terms of strength and “easy maintenance”. That’s the reason why they are especially suggested in any HORECA application, like hotels, bars, shops, offices, fitness rooms and so on.

SPC has one printed-paper decorative layer and one transparent, PVC finishing layer: both are applied on a panel made by the mix of powdered mineral fiber with a plastic polymer (Solid Polymer Core). By far the newest development in floating LVT design floors with click system, it also has top performances in terms of stability against temperature and humidity changes.
Another key feature of the SPC line is the duration in time provided by its wear layer thickness of 0,55 mm (EN ISO 23340): a life-long warranty.

The installation is floating and easy, since the underlay is already attached to the SPC, while its maintenance is extremely easy, due to the product’s characteristics.