Most of the times, those who want to buy a wooden floor are looking for a resistant and scratch-proof parquet. In fact, there are several reasons why you may be afraid of scratching your parquet: heavy objects falling, walking in heels, the action of the nails of cats or dogs living in the house, furniture moved without too much caution.

First of all, it must be said that, unfortunately, a totally scratch-proof parquet, which guarantees the absolute absence of marks on the wood for a long time, simply doesn’t exist. However, if you choose the right essence and a suitable treatment to minimize the defects caused by bumps and scratches, it is possible to have a resistant, pets- and accidents-proof parquet.  


Resistant and “scratch-proof” parquets: recommended essences

When choosing a parquet, the characteristics of the different wood species must be considered. Each of them, in fact, brings with it technical characteristics that can vary greatly from essence to essence. It is no coincidence that only certain wood species and not others are used to create quality parquet.

As for the resistance to scratches and bumps, for example, there are some essences that suffer to a lesser extent from moving furniture, falling objects or the running around of our pets.

Among these there is undoubtedly rovere (oak), one of the most common wood species for the production of parquet. Its success probably also comes from this reason: in addition to being one of the most beautiful and aesthetically ductile essences, it is also one of the most scratch-resistant. Our experience also leads us to say: an oak parquet is reliable, resistant and lasts a long time, without major problems.

parquet rovere

Furthermore, good resistance can be obtained with a consistent thickness of the noble layer, which must be at least 4 millimeters, like all Gazzotti 18 parquet.


Parquet treatments and finishes for greater resistance to bumps and scratches

Parquet treatments and finishes for greater resistance to bumps and scratches If you love wooden floors at the same time but also your pets, the search for a resistant parquet will be your first thought. Particular floor finishes help to minimize any marks or scratches on the wood.

For example, a brushed or lightly brushed parquet is more difficult to scratch than a perfectly smooth surface; furthermore the signs on it are less evident. A matte varnish finish also slightly increases the wood’s resistance to scratching and helps hide any streaks. Another trick that can be used to hide scratches and dents is to choose a wooden parquet with natural tones and a rustic look.

In any case, as already mentioned, there are no completely scratch-resistant parquet. We can only make sure to limit the emergence of any defects as much as possible, which are not true defects: even the signs of aging on the wood have their charm and tell the story of that particular parquet and that house.

parquet antigraffio adatto animali e cani


Resistant and scratch-proof parquet: Extraresistent by Gazzotti 18

Extraresistent is now a classic line by Gazzotti 18. It was in fact launched for the first time in 1978 and still today, thanks to the innovations of these decades, it continues to be a product appreciated by the market.

Thanks to its features of practicality and beauty it is an ideal floor for the whole family and is chosen especially by those who own pets. All Extraresistent products ensure excellent resistance to surface scratching and an aesthetic that, even over time, enhances the natural characteristics of the wood.

extraresistent resistente parquet graffi urti