Recycling and reuse are a fast growing trend also in terms of furniture and when it comes to style, no element like parquet is able to characterize an environment. It is therefore easy to imagine how parquet with reclaimed wood, which manages to perfectly combine sustainability and charm, has become a must have. 


Fashion and virtue come together in the choice of parquet with reclaimed wood, thanks also to the extraordinary adaptability of this piece of furniture. Whether you prefer country chic, industrial or even Scandinavian or classic style, parquet with reclaimed wood is the ideal base to start building your dream home.

Parquet with reclaimed wood: style and sustainability

A parquet with reclaimed wood is not only characterized by a unique aesthetic result, but it is also a precious ally in terms of safeguarding natural resources. 

Choosing a wooden floor made with recycled wood therefore means choosing sustainability. Giving unused wood a second chance allows you to reduce energy consumption and avoid unnecessary waste. 

Creating a parquet starting from barrels, beams, boats, piers or more certainly does not go to the detriment of quality. The wood that will then be chosen to become a floor is carefully selected and then subjected to all the necessary processes and treatments so that it can regain its natural splendor. Parquet with reclaimed wood is therefore no less resistant or durable than new wood. The wood, once cleaned, nailed and worked, has unchanged characteristics compared to a new essence. 

Parquet with reclaimed wood: Gazzotti 18 venetian “briccole”

For those who are fascinated by the signs of history, Gazzotti 18 offers a special parquet with recycled wood: the Briccole. 

We have captured the soul of Venice and transformed it into the parquet of your home. 

Gazzotti 18 briccole are made with the poles of the Venetian lagoon that delimit the navigable areas. Oak wood spends years immersed in the lagoon seabed where, worked by nature, it acquires an aspect rich in shades and veins. 

The briccole are then carefully selected and processed by expert craftsmen who enhance all the charm of their history. A briccole floor knows how to give unprecedented atmospheres and emotions to every room. 

Choosing a parquet with recycled wood is not enough, however, to help protect the environment. Attention must also be paid to the finishes to which the wooden floor has been subjected. And, in line with the criteria of green building, Gazzotti 18 uses a range of high-tech and sustainable paints.