Several years have passed since your wooden floor was installed, and you have decided that the time has come to move furniture or make changes to your home. After lifting the carpet and moving the furnishings, however, you noticed that the previously covered wooden surface took on a completely different shade.

But there is no reason to worry: it is a completely natural phenomenon and absolutely not harmful to the floor, linked to the oxidation process, which causes a change in the colour and shade of the parquet.


What does oxidation consist of?

Oxidation is a condition that occurs due to the exposure of wood to light. Oxidation processes begin as soon as the wood, photosensitive material and photochromic, comes into contact with sunlight and air. The colour change is the main manifestation of oxidation, followed by possible cracks and surface roughness.

It is important to consider that, just as skin cells undergo changes due to sunlight, wood is affected in a similar way by the direct or indirect action of radiation: UV rays hitting the cells of the surface layers cause the gradual deterioration of lignins. The photochromic changes are most evident in the first periods of exposure to light, and then stabilize over time.


A piece of advice


Oxidation processes vary from essence to essence. Distinguishing between European essences and exotic essences, two completely different behaviours can be observed.

Teak tends to lighten uniformly over time, but this also depends on the finish and surface treatment chosen after installation. On the contrary, Walnut, starting from a cold shade, tends to darken with a hint of red. The Oak, however, compared to others woody species, presents less marked oxidation, and this is why it is suitable for use in environments exposed to light.

Given that parquet cannot be preserved from oxidation, it is still possible, through small measures, to ensure that, even after years, the floor has a uniform and pleasant colour. If preventing the sun from shining directly on the parquet is almost impossible, it is however possible to limit the phenomenon with curtains that will help filter UV rays.

Likewise, moving furniture and carpets often will avoid colour stains on the wooden floor. In any case, it is always advisable to consult professionals who can help you choose the colour of the parquet, the essence and the finish best suited to the project you want to carry out.

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