The boiserie is a form of interior decoration which consists of covering the walls with wooden panels. It is a traditional furnishing element, often associated with mountain chalets, cabins or cottages. The word “boiserie” comes from the French term “bois” which means “wood”. The wood panels can be installed vertically, horizontally or diagonally, depending on the style and desired effect. The boiserie can cover the entire surface of the walls or be limited to a specific part, such as the lower lining of the walls or the area around the windows.

Boiserie: the advantages

The wood paneling that covers the walls and ceilings in chalets, cabins or cottages has extraordinary heat properties.

In recent years, however, boiserie has become increasingly successful in city homes as well. The reason for this popularity lies in the fact that this type of wall decoration manages to give character and sophistication to any room in the house. It allows you to transform a wall from a simple partition into an element of continuity of your living space. In addition to giving a strong design accent, parquet used to decorate the walls is extremely functional. Placed on the walls or ceiling, it can in fact serve to hide wires or pipes and to create a visual effect of lengthening even in smaller spaces.

The style of parquet at the service of design


When choosing the boiserie, you must already have a more than clear idea of the mood adopted for your home. The vast choice of essences, colors and surface finishes of the parquet will then allow you to choose from infinite possibilities. In this way, it will be possible to find the solution that best responds to the style chosen for the various living spaces. Not only ancient or classic, therefore, the wooden boiserie is able to match even the most contemporary furnishings.

Why choose boiserie

Walls are often overlooked when remodeling a dwelling. Of all the options, the boiserie remains the most practical and effective choice. Beyond to the already mentioned heat and acoustic characteristics, wooden panels do not need particular maintenance and are ideal in the case of non-linear substrates or non-square walls. Plus, thanks to innovative production techniques, they are also incredibly customizable. The boiserie can be made with specially-made shapes, with horizontal, vertical or diagonal planks.

The same possibility of customization concerns the color of wood. Before deciding the most suitable type of coating, it is advisable to consider, however, not only the style of the furniture, but also the type of room in which you want to intervene. In a kitchen you have different needs from those you may have, say, in a studio.

Wooden boiserie offers aesthetic, heat and acoustic advantages and also helps to make our house more efficient from an energy point of view.