When spaces are reduced to a minimum, enhancing environments may seem like an impossible task. In reality, small simple tricks are enough to make the house appear larger: one of these is to use parquet in small spaces. 

A wooden floor is able to embellish both large homes and those with a limited size, giving breath to the rooms and enveloping them with the warmth of elegance. In order not to be mistaken, in choosing the parquet in small spaces, however, it is good to make some technical considerations. 

parquet nei piccoli spazi

Parquet in small spaces: the choice of color

When renovating a small apartment it is recommended to opt for light essences and colors. A clear floor reflects the light and allows you to extend the spaces, giving more breath to any environment. 

E Smile 10, represents an ideal choice for a small but welcoming home. Made of natural oak, it has a width (ranging between 65 and 72 mm) and a length (between 400 and 600 mm) such as to be ideally suited for installation in small rooms; in fact, its format remains proportionate even for small spaces. It can also be laid on radiant floors, in this way it will be possible to recover the surface dedicated to radiators and radiators. 

parquet nei piccoli spazi

A few other little tricks

Given the choice of a reduced-size parquet, another small trick to maximize the glance of the parquet laid in small spaces is to give continuity to the floors throughout the house. Choosing to lay the same floor throughout the house makes it possible to uniform the rooms and extend the space. And if you think that parquet is not suitable for installation in humid environments, it will be useful to know that oak is a very stable wood, suitable for installation even in spaces with a high degree of humidity. 

So you just have to start imagining your whole new home with Smile! Contact Gazzotti 18 dealers for advice on the color and the most suitable installation for your home. And there are new elegant laying designs on the way, perfect for installation even in small spaces.

parquet nei piccoli spazi