A parquet floor is always an opportunity to consider when designing a new apartment or renovating an old home. Every detail inserted in the rooms influences their style and their livability, and the floor is undoubtedly one of those elements that more than others can give character to the whole.

With a wide range of chromatic varieties, a parquet floor gives personality to the living spaces in which it is placed, demonstrating a particular versatility in combining with very different stylistic tastes. In addition, the aesthetics and the feel of a wooden floor can conquer the senses more than other materials.

Let’s now see together what are, in our opinion, the main advantages of having a parquet at home instead of a “normal” floor, that is, made with materials such as terracotta, ceramic, stoneware, LVT or SPC.


Parquet floor: in contact with nature

A wooden floor comes from nature. Choosing it for your home means inserting a “living” and eco-compatible material, renewable and recyclable into the home environment. Due to its naturalness, a parquet can offer warmth and protection, while the visual irregularities represented by veins, knots and shades of color make it a unique product full of personality.

It must also be said that parquet involves a reduced amount of energy during its production, processing and installation, as well as reduced emissions into the atmosphere. The production cycle of a parquet floor therefore has a minimal impact on the environment.


Fashion goes out of style, parquet remains

Parquet is always in fashion. Taking advantage of the infinite chromatic possibilities of the many wood varieties, in addition to the different types of installation, a wooden floor can enhance small apartments as well as large living rooms. If, for example, parquet seems the ideal solution for shabby chic or country houses, it is also true that it can highlight industrial-style lofts or refined and luxury villas.

In any case, if fashions pass (and then return cyclically), a parquet floor always remains current and never suffers the passage of time.

i vantaggi del pavimento in parquet


How nice it is to walk on a parquet floor

What other surface offers such deep and relaxing tactile sensations? In our opinion none.More than any other material designed to cover floors, wood welcomes its guests inviting them to direct contact. With a parquet at home it is in fact spontaneous to walk barefoot on it, relaxing after a hard day, or to allow children to crawl or play on the ground.

In short, where there is parquet there is home.

parquet piedi


Parquet floor as a thermal and acoustic insulator

Another advantage to consider when choosing a parquet floor is its ability to be an excellent insulator, both thermal and acoustic.

The heat-insulating properties of wood in fact favor energy savings and therefore a cost cut in the bill. Furthermore, on the parquet noises are muffled and even crowded places become quieter.

Compared to a ceramic floor, a wooden one rebalances the humidity in the room. This quality can come in handy when designing the flooring of an apartment with unfavorable sun exposure.

i vantaggi del pavimento in legno


The authentic beauty of a wooden floor

A parquet floor is preferred above all for its aesthetics: the charm of wood is practically unbeatable. In fact, parquet gives character to any living space and represents one of the few elements that gains beauty over the years.

The various types of wood and installation geometries also multiply its possibilities of use. If the herringbone, for example, gives the room a classic and elegant air, the irregular formwork fits perfectly into the most contemporary lofts.