Parquet colours determine the atmosphere of a home. Choosing the right ones is therefore “strategic” for your home. In itself, opting for a wooden floor means inserting an undisputed protagonist into your living environment, capable of influencing a living style with its presence.

The overall aesthetics of the house will therefore depend on the chosen parquet, but also on the interaction of the floor with other domestic elements such as furnishings, fixtures, walls and lighting. For this reason, before choosing the color of the parquet, it is necessary to evaluate the context in which you will insert it and the “character” you want to give to the whole.


How to choose the parquet colours

Better a light parquet or a dark one? Your personal taste will guide the decision. Nevertheless, there are some factors to consider when choosing the color of a wooden floor.

Walls: in general, the parquet colour must contrast with that of the walls, avoiding making the atmosphere too flat. However, this does not mean that there cannot be exceptions: in a bedroom inspired by absolute quiet or in a study designed for meditation, an environment without contrasts could have its own reason.

Doors and windows: if the windows are white, no problem. If, on the other hand, they have a “woody” colour, then you will have to opt for a parquet of the same or completely different colour. In short, total uniformity or sharp contrast. A slight difference in colour between fixtures and parquet would cause a sort of aesthetic “interference”.

Furniture: if you have very light furniture, every parquet shade will match perfectly. In the case of dark furnishings, however, the advice is to opt for a light parquet, in order to make the environment more fresh and bright. On the contrary, if you choose both parquet and dark furniture, the whole will be more austere and formal.

Dimensions of the room: light parquets “widen” the room optically, while dark ones “make it smaller”. So pay attention to the size of your rooms and the visual effect you want to achieve.

Lighting: the way the room is lit can also affect the choice of parquet. In fact, the color of the wood changes hue based on the light, which influences the shades and colors of the veins. This variable is difficult to assess before the parquet is installed, so it is best to seek advice from an expert.


Parquet colours: chromatic types

A parquet can be made with different types of wood, each of which has specific chromatic characteristics. In fact, a particular type of wood has its own natural color that distinguishes it.

By dividing the essences into macro-categories of color we can distinguish: light woods (ranging from yellow to pink), red woods (with tones ranging from golden to reddish), dark woods (from golden brown to black) and brown woods (dark brown, tobacco and chocolate).Furthermore, to recreate particular aesthetic effects, the boards are subjected to treatments and finishes which, in addition to changing their chromatic characteristics, also improve their physical properties.Let’s see which are the most popular parquet colors and for which uses they are recommended.


White parquet

Purity, tranquility, positivity: this is what a white parquet communicates. Very trendy, it finds space in shabby chic, minimal and total white environments. Since white wood is quite rare in nature, to obtain it it is necessary to subject the planks to whitening treatments.

A white parquet goes well with the neutral shades and pastel colors, both of the furniture and walls. Refined and classy, a white wooden floor also manages to optically enlarge the spaces, becoming an ally in making the smallest rooms welcoming.

parquet chiaro


Light parquet

Versatility, elegance, classicism: light parquet is the most popular choice, as it is able to adapt to any situation.A light parquet goes well with dark walls and furniture or, on the contrary, tone-on-tone elements, to obtain a homogeneous and relaxing environment. Plus, light wood illuminates the house by reflecting the sunlight in a soft and natural way.

Among the light-colored parquet floors, the most classic is natural oak, which, thanks to its irregular veins and warm shades, fully reveals the naturalness of wood.

parquet rovere


Dark parquet

Refinement, intimacy, prestige: a dark parquet evokes classic or modern high-end environments and enhances large spaces such as a dining room, a bedroom or an open space.

Dark parquet is perfect to combine with light walls and furnishings, in a game of contrasts that highlights all the elements of the context. A clever arrangement of mirrors and lights will also make it possible to bring out the nuances and characteristics of the dark parquet.


Parquet: hot colours

Comfort, welcome, warmth: a warm colored parquet makes the environment reassuring and familiar, a safe haven in which to take shelter.Warm colors include shades of brown and shades ranging from yellow to red. Suitable for the living area as well as for the night, they combine perfectly with walls in soft and pastel colors.

However, care must be taken in combining warm woods with furnishings. If the latter also have warm or too bright colors, the overall effect would be unbalanced and excessively heavy in the long run.

pulire parquet cucina