The floor is the element that more than any other is able to decisively define the style of an environment and also the one that is most difficult to replace: for this reason it is important to choose it with great care. To avoid mistakes, it is good to make your choice fall on the parquet.

No material furnishes better than a wooden floor, whatever the desired look for your home or business, laying parquet is the best possible option.   There are several advantages that a wooden floor can offer, we analyze some of them.

Elegance and character 

The aesthetic result is undoubtedly one of the main reasons for choosing a parquet floor. Wooden floors are able to enhance the spaces and furnishings of any environment, also giving a unique and unrepeatable appearance to the rooms in which it is installed. The infinite combinations obtainable from the variety of colors, finishes and installation geometries contribute to making your floor unique.

Suitable for any environment 

Thanks to new technologies, parquet also finds space in all those environments that were considered off-limits until a few years ago. The wooden floor can be installed anywhere, from busy offices and shops to “difficult” rooms such as bathrooms and kitchens.



A good parquet guarantees a long life. Wood resists mechanical stress excellently and modern wood finishing and maintenance products help keep the parquet in excellent health for even longer. And its cleaning, contrary to popular belief, is anything but burdensome.

Acoustic and thermal insulation 

Wood is an excellent thermal insulator. Its low thermal conductivity helps to maintain a constant temperature inside the rooms, allowing for significant energy savings. Wood is also a natural acoustic insulator and allows excellent noise resistance. These characteristics make it perfect to be fully experienced walking barefoot around the house.

Eco-sustainable material


In addition to offering excellent thermal insulation, with consequent energy savings, wood is a friend of nature because it is ecological, sustainable and recyclable. Gazzotti18 has also obtained the Chain of Custody certification which guarantees the traceability of materials from FSC certified European forests, that is, to manage in a sustainable manner with periodic replanting.