Oiled or varnished parquet?

The finishing treatment is necessary in order to protect and to give particular properties to the parquet. It has a double function: to safeguard the floor and at the same to time give it a certain aesthetic aspect.

The finish has the ability to close the pores that make up the wood fiber, defending the material from stains and aggressive agents. It creates a protective layer and makes the surface cleanable and scratch resistant.

Depending on the finish, we can have an oiled parquet or a varnished parquet. The oil and paint also define the strength and durability of the coating, as well as how it is cleaned and maintained.

Oiled parquet

The oil treatment does not produce a film-forming film as in the case of paint, but impregnates the fibers: the visible and contact surface remains that of natural wood. The oiling not only creates a surface protection layer, but protects the parquet from the inside.

The oil maintains a microporous surface which allows the wood to breathe. It reduces the risk of any expansion and contraction and allows the wood to absorb and release moisture without cracking or flaking.

For an oiled parquet, a localized restoration is possible without having to intervene on the entire surface: just brush and distribute the product in the specific point. Oiled parquet requires periodic maintenance with specific products, in order to reintegrate the treatment and renew the surface again.

Varnished parquet


The varnish consists of a thin layer of paint spread on the parquet, with the aim of preserving the floor. The paints form a protective film on the surface, similar to a transparent or semi-transparent film, which allows the support to be seen. In general, this type of finish gives the parquet good resistance to scratches, water infiltrations, stains and dust.

The painted finish requires ordinary maintenance and / or cleaning, but simple to achieve, if done with the correct products. It is resettable, but it is not possible to work on a single section. The surface, which returns to being like new, must be completely repainted.

For those who love a more natural effect, there are matt or zero gloss paints, for an incredibly natural-looking matt painted parquet, like that of the Gazzotti Vintage   collection.

Both oiled and varnished parquet, if maintained and cleaned with the right products, can keep their beauty for a long time, postponing sanding for a long time.

When choosing the type of finish, the space in which the parquet will be placed and its degree of stress must also be taken into consideration. Without forgetting one’s own personal desires, tastes and habits.