Oak parquet is one of the most popular and is an excellent choice, if we are considering its installation. There are different species of oak from which multiple types of wood can be obtained which take on different trade names. For this reason, oak wood is also used in the construction of bridges, ships, half-timbered houses, furniture and can also be used as firewood. A versatile and flexible usage, which lies in its appearance and excellent characteristics.

The oak tree

With the generic term of “oak” we refer to a genus of tree belonging to the Fagaceae family, present in the northern hemisphere of the world and with great environmental importance. Oak has a positive ecological balance, as its wood does not have to be imported via long transport routes.

The tree is known for its longevity, it can live over 800 years. It is deciduous and evergreen, and manages to reach 30 meters in height. It possesses a large crown, which extends into width and has the particularity of being monoecious, that is, of producing both yellow male flowers and green female flowers. The trunk consists of a rich gray-brown bark cracks. The lower part used to generate the wood is very hard and consistent.

The different species

There are about 600 different oak species around the world, each of which gives origin to a precise wood. Among the main ones we have:

  • Quercus petraea, the oak
  • Quercus ilex, the holm oak
  • Quercus robur, the English oak
  • Quercus cerris, the Turkey oak

Oak is a very popular wood for parquet because it resists wear well and is of extraordinary quality.

A popular variant is French oak, renowned for its properties and its vast production. The same is used in the Gazzotti Life collection, where it manages to enhance the pleasant play of colors, especially in large or medium-sized environments. Life is a three-layer parquet, characterized by a very soft manual planing, in which the base layer is also made of French oak like the superior one, to ensure maximum stability over time, even in the presence of maxi formats, for a floor with unparalleled charm.

Aesthetics and peculiarities of oak wood

Oak wood is hard and sturdy: the internal heartwood possesses an extraordinary resistance to parasites and atmospheric agents, fungi and insects. Plus, it is also relatively elastic and easy to work with. Its inner tannins preserve it from rot and deformation and that is why it can be stored for a long time.

The veins and broad rays vary in intensity and give each tree its personal character. There is no oak like another, each piece is unique and unrepeatable. Whether it is light oak or dark oak, this type of wood is suitable for any interior and style of furniture. The great stability of the essence makes it perfect for all rooms with underfloor heating, even for the bathroom and kitchen, while the beauty of the texture lends itself to various finishes.

Oak wood floor can be considered the most prestigious parquet, in which wood is shown in its best version.