Natural oak parquet is the trend of 2020 in the field of furniture. Elegant and refined, this parquet adapts to any type of environment and furniture, embellishing it. 

Choosing this essence means walking every day on a floor with a timeless charm. Particularly resistant to shocks, it is the most recommended option for those who want parquet throughout the house: its hardness makes it suitable for installation even in humid environments such as the bathroom or kitchen. 

But what is natural oak parquet and what characteristics does it have? 


Gazzotti 18 natural oak parquet

Gazzotti18’s natural oak finish is made with multiple spray applications of a water-based acrylic paint. This varnish therefore in no way alters the color of the raw oak, also avoiding the typical yellowing effect that occurs when the wood is subjected to several painting cycles. 

Aesthetic naturalness is combined with tactile naturalness: the softness gives way to a slight roughness that makes the Gazzotti 18 natural oak parquet perceive as unfinished. 

The finish proposed by Gazzotti 18 therefore allows an extreme naturalness of the wood and the preservation of its mechanical resistance. In this way, the natural warmth of wood is associated with an excellent response to wear and stains due to normal daily use.    


Which furniture to match?

The color of the natural oak parquet is warm and bright. Being light in color, it is not recommended to combine it with furniture made of rich woods such as mahogany, wenge or walnut. To avoid too risky and inconsistent combinations, it is therefore a good idea to choose woods for the furniture that are not so different from the essence of the floor. 

White and neutral colors such as dove gray and dusty gray are the best choice to emphasize the shades of oak. This does not mean that the oak floor prevents you from playing with bolder and more fashionable colors. Colors such as ultramarine blue and purple, if well dosed and alternated with white, help to enliven the rooms and bring a surprising breath of color. 

And to highlight the particularity of natural oak parquet, you can use the mirrors and lighting to build a play of light that makes your home fresher and more welcoming.


Natural oak parquet: prices

The resistance and consequent durability of an oak parquet allow ample amortization of the purchase and installation costs. The product is also environmentally friendly and therefore absolutely safe for those who choose it and live it daily. 

Furthermore, by purchasing a natural oak parquet, you can count on the quality guarantee of Gazzotti18 products.