“A modern parquet”: this is the request that customers make most often.

The choice of wood flooring represents one of the most delicate moments, as it defines the style of the house, along with the walls and furniture. The amount of natural light and the atmosphere that you want to reproduce are also aspects that contribute to the final effect.

But what characteristics must a parquet have, to be defined as “modern”?

Color, aesthetics and sizes of modern parquet

If the last few years have seen the installation, in particular, of parquets in light and bleached colors, the current trend is that of returning to warm colors.

There is a sort of shading towards dark colors, such as those of leather, Teak and brown of both European and American Walnut. Surfaces start transmitting heat again, also through the choice of natural oak, which remains one of the most loved and timeless solutions.

Gazzotti’s Vintage Smoked collection’s products perfectly match the concept of modern parquet. The lamella is treated to remain the same color in its entirety. The result is an eternal floor which, even if restored, continues to return the warm color of the noble part.

The new trends no longer concern only large formats, but also medium or medium-small sized planks, destined to be declined in herringbones – Italian, Hungarian and French ones. An installation geometry that keeps on being dynamic and creative.

A particular format, like that of the Stilo plank of the Life line, long and narrow, inspires new installations of modern parquet. From the floor you reach the wall, combining the classic horizontal application with the vertical one.

It is the desire for a more intense materiality that urges us to highlight the product even more. Materials with cracks, splits, knots, planings and soft irregularities are nowadays’ favourites.

The message is only one: enough with imitation, there’s a piece of wood, a trunk, a plant on the floor.

Modern parquet: healthy, balancing and insulating

Over the last year and a half, our attitude in living the house has changed. The house itself has been converted into a place of work, sociality and aggregation. More time is spent at home, and the living space readapts and renews itself.

In these conditions, it is more than ever necessary to surround ourselves with natural products such as wood, which give well-being and healthiness, to protect ourselves from allergies and, in general, from domestic pollution.

Wood has very precious peculiarities: it rebalances the humidity in the environment, providing the rooms where it is installed with continuous exchange. Nature takes its course, giving warmth in winter and cool in summer.

For all these reasons, modern parquet can no longer be considered just a floor. It is the added value of every home, the first detail that is noticed upon entering a house: that element that turns into culture first, and then into a piece of furniture.