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Life Oak Monet

Life is the parquet that characterizes every room with its surface enriched with knots – even large ones -cracks and soft irregularities. The result is a tactile floor, with a strong personality and attention to the smallest details. In the products of the Life line, wood’s natural are enhanced through the use of craftsmanship techniques, which give the parquet a pleasant, aged effect and differentiate it from industrial products.

The large planks are made of French oak, the only essence that can enhance the pleasant color play of color of the wood, especially in large or medium-sized rooms. Life is a 3-layer parquet – where the base layer is also made of French oak, like the upper one – to ensure maximum stability over time, even in the presence of maxi formats.

Wood’s irregularities and are highlighted by the partly flush and partly flat grouting, and also by the soft hand-scraping, while the large format is bevelled on the 4 sides, manually dented and therefore pleasantly irregular.


The Life line’s finish doesn’t alter the naturalness of the product in any way; plus, it’s pleasant to the touch and sight and easy to maintain. All the products of the Life line are hand-brushed.

Life Oak Morisot


According to the formats, the Life line range includes:


Dimensions Measures
Width 260 mm
Length from 2000 to 2200 mm
Thickness 15 mm


Dimensions Measures
Width 190 mm
Length from 1800 to 1900 mm
Thickness 15 mm


Dimensions Measures
Width from 190 to 260 mm
Length from 1800 to 2200 mm
Thickness 15 mm


Dimensions Measures
Width 70 mm
Length from 1500 to 2200 mm
Thickness 15 mm

The Life lines area available in the Emotion selection, in the following colours:

Oak Degas, Oak Matisse, Oak Monet, Oak Morisot, Oak Perla, Oak Pissarro, Oak Renoir, Oak Sisley.

Life Oak Degas


All Life floors are ready for use and can be laid glued and floating on cement screeds or existing floors, as long as they are compact and suitable. Plancia and Grande Plancia planks can be laid together for double-width laying. The laying pattern can only be a ship deck or regular formwork.

Life Oak Morisot