Being able to choose the parquet that best suits the geometry of your home, which also meets your taste, is not easy. In the choice of the wooden floor there are a series of variables to consider, including the geometry of laying the parquet. 

Therefore, assuming that we have already identified the essence, surface processing and finish that best suits our needs, we try to understand which is the appropriate installation for the space in our home or business. To choose the direction of installation of the parquet, it is first of all necessary to evaluate the shape, width and width of the individual rooms, as well as the light. But let’s see in more detail.

Laying the parquet: room geometry and lighting 

posa del parquet

The laying geometry of the parquet must enhance the characteristics of the environment in which it will be installed. 

In the case of long and narrow rooms, it will be necessary to lay the parquet with the long sides parallel to the long walls. By doing so, the laying direction of the parquet will follow that of the layout of the rooms, giving rationality and greater depth to the room.

In this way, the natural shades of the wood will also be enhanced. The same principle applies to doors. Entering a room and seeing the floor following the lines of architectural development makes everything more harmonious.   Lighting is also a distinction between laying horizontal or vertical parquet. If the light passes through the planks lengthwise, the grain of the wood will be more evident. Positioning the parquet in the direction of the light then helps to give depth to the rooms.

Laying the parquet: the dimensions of the planks

posa del parquet

In choosing the installation direction, it is also necessary to evaluate the size of the planks, which must be chosen based on the characteristics of the environment in which the parquet will be installed.

In homes with an important surface, it is recommended to install a maxi format that allows to make the surfaces more homogeneous and to give even more prominence to the beauty of the texture and the grain of the wood. The mini sizes, on the other hand, are perfect for smaller rooms, however this size is increasingly trendy and is ideal for giving dynamism to spaces.

Furthermore, in the case of out-of-square walls, laying in parallel or running could highlight the defect even more. In this case, a diagonal or herringbone installation is therefore preferable, so as to create movement and distract attention from the walls.

Make an appointment and come and visit us in the Gazzotti18 showroom in Trebbo di Reno. Our technicians will be able to advise you not only for the choice of parquet, but also for the laying design that best suits your environments.