Outdoor parquet has begun to spread more and more in public and private spaces.

The wooden floor, which has always been considered refined and precious, now wears a new look and is rediscovered glamorous and modern, but at the same time ancient and metropolitan. Environments such as kitchens and bathrooms no longer fear him. Parquet overcomes humidity and adjusts itself, very well, to resist bad weather and atmospheric agents, becoming the perfect ally for outdoor environments. Nature meets nature and everything acquires that touch of practicality that only a coating of this type can give.

Known by the name of decking, outdoor parquet is placed by the pool, in the wall covering, in walkways, platforms, terraces, arcades, gazebos, platforms and paths for the garden.


Ipè outdoor parquet: elegance within reach of the outdoors

Ipè parquet is made from a wood defined as the hardest in the world, so much so that it is also called Ironwood. This is why it is one of the most popular essences for parquet decking, the most widely used for outdoor wood flooring. The floors of the world-famous Coney Island waterfront walkway in New York are also built with this wood.

The Ipè floor is obtained from a tree that has hardness, flexibility, resistance and an exceptional density. Ipè wood is not produced by a single plant but by seven different species all belonging to the Tabebuia genus. Plants can reach a height of over 30 meters and a width of 15 at the top where leaves and branches are found. Among these, some are evergreen, while others produce beautiful colored flowers soon after the leaves fall.


The properties of Ipè wood

Ipè is warm and elegant, and is considered compact and resistant as much as Teak. Visually, it presents itself with seductive nuances, ranging from blackish to mahogany, passing through chocolate brown, yellow and olive green, with lighter and darker streaks. It is rather oily and has a very high internal density. Typical characteristics of the Ipè are its variegated shades of color that give it a pleasant further natural effect.

Ipè is practically immune to humidity, surface scratches, fungi, mold, atmospheric agents, parasites, termites, moths and other insects. Its extraordinary properties give it a fire resistance comparable to that of concrete. It is an outdoor wood that does not retain heat, so it also lends itself well to walking barefoot.

The high resistance to mechanical stresses, combined with the high content of natural extractives, make this essence particularly suitable for creating a wooden floor for outdoor use with excellent performance and excellent integrity. And it is precisely for this reason that Gazzotti offers Ipè parquet in the Freetime line: to ensure that your floors can accompany you throughout your life.