Matching parquet to colors, doors, furniture and other materials and coatings is just the beginning of a design project. The whole process has as its protagonists the style, space and color palette of the house.

Elegant, refined, healthy, warm and welcoming, the wooden floor can lends be inserted in any room. Today it is increasingly installed in the bathroom and in the kitchen, creating a common and continuous texture throughout the house.

Combining parquet with colors and furnishings

When deciding which essence to use on the floor, the style of the furniture must be taken into consideration. If the house is classic or chic, you can opt for dark colors or solemn essences. If the style is Nordic or minimalist, go ahead for light and bleached colors, while if the taste is industrial, you can choose a more lived-in wood. In general, it is best to avoid too strong contrasts, especially between the floor and the door.

Dark parquet

If you love dark parquet and you have a large and bright house that allows you to install it without problems, then try to create a nice contrast by combining light colors. Complements, curtains, carpets, cushions, sofas, armchairs and chairs: everything should be white, cream, ivory, cream or pink.

Light parquet

Light parquet stands out in houses with even small sizes. It is particularly suitable for modern houses and for small ones, as it visually tends to expand the surface of the premises. Also in this case white furnishings will be ideal, but you can also indulge yourself with the use of pastel colors, which lend themselves well to enliven the walls.

Important woods

Parquet floors with strong veins or with strong colors prefer neutral furniture and walls. If wood is important, with an evident and marked grain, such as Walnut, it is best not to combine it with materials and furnishings with as many rich woods. In this way the eye will be attracted to a main element: the floor, and it will be easier to hold all combinations. If the intention is to add a boiserie or a wardrobe, or to design the doors, that is a vertical element with a large surface, it is good to do it by combining the essences as much as possible. It is not advisable to mix or place two too different woods close together, such as one tending to yellow and one tending to red.

How to match the doors to the colors of the floor?

At home, If your floor is dark and the context is contemporary, we suggest a door with very light or white colors, glossy lacquered. Better still if without borders, linear or flush with the wall to blend in with the wall. In the event that the parquet is vintage or classic, dark for example, the doors must have the same style, perhaps always in wood.

One thing is certain: there is no furnishing style that does not match the use of parquet. A wooden floor is perfect in all homes, from the most elegant and sophisticated o the distinctly modern ones, from the rustic, to the hi-tech ones.