All houses with a parquet floor have a particular charm, but each of these in its own way. The style of the interior design is in fact crucial to give the home a peculiar climate, as is the choice of the right wooden floor to match the furniture, walls and furnishing accessories.

And what is your favorite style? How do you plan to match the flooring to the environment you have in mind? To guide you, let’s now take a look at the most popular decoration styles, to understand if among them there is also the one that meets your tastes. Once you have identified the style you would like to give to your home, finding the floor that coordinates with your favorite interior design will be much easier.


Houses with a contemporary-style, clear parquet

pavimento parquet vantaggi

Contemporary style involves what is trending at the moment. Design objects, wide open spaces, linear geometries and avant-garde materials are some of the elements that characterize it. To these, a clear parquet can be combined to bring out the points of color and the key pieces of furniture.


A Bohemian interior design to give space to imagination

i vantaggi del pavimento in legno

The Bohemian (Boho) style is perfect for a relaxing and carefree atmosphere, with vintage furniture on the background. It is eclectic and personal, with furnishings, decorations and colorful carpets that seem to be placed in space carelessly, but which instead are studied in detail. Parquet floors perfectly fit houses like these: you can indulge in the various shades of color and herringbone installation patterns.


Industrial style design for houses with urban-spirit parquets

parquet industrial design

Industrial interior design recalls life in great cities, with their exposed bricks, open pipes, iron and steel structures. Urban and raw-looking materials pair well with aged and preferably dark wood floors. Recycled-wood parquets should not be overlooked, since they give the environment an even more unique and particular tone.


Scandinavian design for simple and functional environments

i vantaggi del pavimento in parquet

Scandinavian design communicates simplicity, minimalism and functionality. Obviously enough, this type of style originated in the Nordic countries, where houses with parquet combine with clear floors with white walls, and with a generally neutral color palette. The furniture is rational and simple, so as not to aesthetically weigh down the environment. Scandinavian style hardly includes dark floors.


Houses with parquets in a rustic or shabby chic style

case shabby chic

This style has its roots in the so-called “French country” style. With a markedly vintage flavor, the shabby chic style is soft, feminine and comfortable. The best flooring to create a shabby chic environment is a bleached or aged-looking wood parquet. This choice balances the refinement of detail with the feeling of false neglect, that is the heart of this type of interior design.


Traditional and classic interior design

case con parquet

Traditional interior design is a combination of comfortable furniture, classic design and casual decor. It is refined and welcoming, with wood as a constant presence, lwhether it is furniture or floors. The parquet is preferably dark, in order to make the environment warm, inviting and familiar.


Art Deco-style parquet houses

case art deco

The Art Deco trend recalls the 1920s. It combines the geometric shapes of classic modernism, French glamour and a vocation for luxury. The parquet of these houses must be designed to enhance the characteristics of the surrounding environment. For an interior in Art Deco style, floors are preferred in warm and dark colors, natural and elegant, inspired by the style of the interior of a hundred years ago.


Houses with modern-style parquets

case moderne

The modern style conveys comfort, relaxation, cleanliness and hospitality. The color palette generally provides light colors for the walls and furniture, while a dark wooden plank floor is the right counterpoint. A beautiful dark brushed oak, with visible knots and veins, is ideal for characterizing this type of interior design.