The history of Gazzotti
tradition and innovation for over a century.

Gazzotti is a leading company in traditional and prefinished parquet production. Founded in 1910 thanks to Leonello Gazzotti’s intuition, it has been guiding the market ever since.

Since its foundation, the company has always been committed in quality wooden floors production, becoming an official supplier of Italy’s then-Royal House, namely the Savoys.. Building technologies have developed since then: consistently with the new styles of interior decoration, Gazzotti parquet floors were enhanced with new wood species, new shapes, arrangements, construction and posing technologies; but that productive culture based on the rigorous selection of raw materials and the constant attentions payed to production processes remained the same.

The original factory was located in nowadays’ Bologna center,
right at the base of the Basilica di San Luca’s hill.

The company was born
Gazzotti is the first company to import in Italy the doussiè wood species, that over the years has revealed one of the most appreciated by the Italian audience
Inauguration of the new factory in Trebbo di Reno, in the outskirts of Bologna
Gazzotti is awarded the “Qualità Italia” prize
Gazzotti is awarded the “Messaggero Economico Italiano” prize
The company starts producing ProntoParquet: the prefinished, two-layers and one-strip floor that would revolutionize the market
Gazzotti is awarded the “Premio Saie Due 85” prize, as a certificate of merit for floors and coatings, assigned with specific reference to ProntoParquet Listoni
Gazzotti is a finalist in the national prize sponsored by the Ministry of the Environment and assigned to the cleanest production processes (ProntoParquet painting and finishing)
Gazzotti is awarded the “Eco Top 20” prize, as best wooden floor: a victory due to aesthetics, technique and final performance of its eco-friendly finishing
Launch of the new Old Gallery products line: prefinished big tables with three layers and a particular and exclusive eco-friendly treatment
The revolutionary Extraresistent finish, applied to all the ProntoParquet products line, provides a never-seen-before resistance to superficial scratches, thus allowing the use of parquet floor all around the house
New TV advertising campaign: “Nuovi spazi al parquet”
With the launch of ProntoParquet Fashion and the pigmented version of Old Gallery, the company introduces two highly innovative finishes in the market
By launching a dedicated website and the presentation of the catalogue for designers, Gazzotti starts a new dialogue with the world of architecture
Debut of EG ECO, the technological adhesive created by the joint research of Gazzotti and Mapei’s technical departments, opening new roads to the possibility to glue any kind of parquet floor, in full respect of the environment
Organization of the first international creative contest for architects and students “Made of Wood”, on “The innovative use of parquet”
After years of study and research, Gazzotti presents the new ProntoParquet Vintage products line, that, thanks to its innovative finish, introduces a new naturalness in the parquet floor world
On the occasion of Milan’s Triennale exhibition, the international creative contest’s “Made of Wood” award ceremony takes place, with renowned architect Claudio Silvestrin as the Jury’s President.
Gazzotti’s continuous research leads to the presentation of the new Linea Skin leather floor, a fascinating solution for the design world and for those projects and realizations where luxury, comfort and naturalness rule
The expansion of the Vintage products line takes center-stage at the international MADE Expo fair in Milan. Big formats, with the extraordinary Vintage finish, are exclusive both in the natural and in the antique version

The same passion
for wood over a century

During the years, the company’s name was modified in Gazzotti S.p.a., while in 1961 a new factory was built in Trebbo di Reno, in the outskirts of Bologna. Bologna

Over 100 years of experience, a deep knowledge of nature and raw materials, a passion for beauty and design, using technological and aesthetic innovation to realize a parquet floor that talks to our emotion, attractive to the touch and sight, environmentally friendly and unmistakably Italian.

Gazzotti parquet floor is manufactured in Italy and its production is 100% verified. Every single piece of floor is checked singularly, in order to become an international witness of the Italian style centennial tradition in high-end quality, innovation and design.

A tradition that is renewed, since the end of 2018, with the birth of the new Gazzotti 18 Società Cooperativa, in which Gazzotti’s employees take a leading role, that of the key product manufacturers and proud interpreters of a story that began over a hundred years ago.