Hand-planed parquet it is one of the favorite choices for those who love wooden floors with a rustic look and an antique flavor. Nothing like a hand-planed parquet is able to take you back in time, giving the feeling of a traditional product made by skilled artisan hands. In fact, hand planing gives the wooden floor a worn, slightly irregular and hollowed look, which makes it pleasant to the touch and sight.

Elegant, classic and material, planed parquet not only blends naturally with rustic environments, but also perfectly matches the latest design trends. The contrast between a “lived-in” treatment of the floor and the more contemporary environments can in fact give truly surprising aesthetic effects.


The rustic look of hand-planed oak parquet

Hand-planed oak parquet is one of the most sought-after solutions for those who want an aged and refined flooring at the same time. The classicism of oak, a resistant essence and aesthetically adaptable to any type of environment, is enhanced by the planing, which gives the boards the irregular undulations typical of this treatment.

Furthermore, thanks to the planing, each oak board takes on a slightly different appearance than the others, reaffirming the artisan character of the product and thus distinguishing it from the typically industrial parquet.

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Planed or brushed parquet?

Often those who want a wooden floor with a natural and lived-in look are unsure whether to opt for a planed parquet or a brushed one. In both cases, these are very particular surface treatments, able to enhance the aesthetic qualities of a floor. Your personal taste will guide you in your choice. Let’s just mention a few differences.

As already mentioned, hand-planed parquet involves manual processing performed with a plane that gives the floor a lived-in appearance, with incisions, slight undulations and irregularities. In brushed parquet, on the other hand, the soft parts of the wood are brushed off the board, leaving the grain in relief on the surface.


Cleaning hand-planed parquet: what should I do?

Planed parquet is very easy to clean and does not need special attention. As in the case of many other types of parquet, it is sufficient to use a vacuum cleaner, a damp cloth and the cleaning products normally recommended.

For other general advice on how to keep your wooden floor always in perfect condition, we refer you to the specific article on the topic of cleaning and maintenance of parquet.


Hand-planed parquet: Gazzotti 18’s Life line

Gazzotti 18’s Life line is created for those who love textured floors, with a strong personality and with attention to the smallest details. In Life products, the natural characteristics of wood – knots, cracks and irregularities – are enhanced through craftsmanship techniques, which give the parquet an antique effect and differentiate it from industrial products. The irregularities and knots of the wood are enhanced by the soft hand planing and the grouting, partly flush and partly flat.

The boards are made of French oak, an essence capable of enhancing the pleasant play of color of the wood. The large format of the boards is also underlined by the bevel on all four sides. Also in this case, the “dent” occurs manually, so as to specifically create aesthetically pleasing irregularities.

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