Gazzotti will be the supplier of Italian wooden floors for the new project by Raemian, the Samsung brand dedicated to luxury apartments. This project, called Samsung 5, involves the construction of 17 buildings of 35 floors each, which will house approximately 2,000 families.

The name Samsung 5 was chosen because, in the last five years, Gazzotti has created four other projects of different sizes, all commissioned by Samsung.

The projects already carried out and this new project would not have been possible without the partnership with Gazzotti Korea: Mr. Park and his team have been busy presenting the products to Samsung and the representatives of the future residents for two years now. Thanks to their great professionalism, they succeeded in making Gazzotti parquet appreciated, overcoming the competition of other important Italian brands.

Gazzotti would like to express further thanks to Gazzotti Korea, which was presented with a special plaque, as an acknowledgement of 20 years of precious collaboration.