The dream of 18 Gazzotti S.p.a. former employees has been achieved, they have decided to get involved as enterpreneurs of the new Gazzotti 18 Società Cooperativa.

On October 25th took place the public auction for trademark property and production plants award of Trebbo di Reno owned by Bopar S.p.a., already Gazzotti S.p.a. in bakruptcy phase, Public auction ended with the historical company of Bologna, specialized in parquet floor production, assignment to Gazzotti 18 Società Cooperativa, composed by a group of 18 former employees of the company in receivership.

The operation went through also thanks to Legacoop support that has guided the transitional phase and the group of employees, determined to not waste the company know how and customers which never stopped believing in company recovery.

From the beginning of November the factory in Bologna outskirt restarted parquet floors production at full capacity and reopened offices, warehouse and showroom, thanks to partners determination, all former employees with numerous years of experience (the experience reaches 20 years regarding some of them).

The new Cooperative it’s keen to restart the centenary travel abruptly interrupted by Gazzotti S.p.a. in 2018 Spring when, after years passed suffering due to crysis of housing market and, specifically, due to internal financial difficulties was forced into bankruptcy.