Gazzotti recently presented to the public three micro-movies – each one just over two minutes-ling –  dedicated to the company’s own parquet collections and to the furniture and furnishing accessories of A&B Rosa dei Legni.

The concept

The goal of the project, born for South-East Asia on input from Gazzotti Korea, is toput the Gazzotti brand and products in strict connection with the concepts of high quality, elegance, style, glamour and luxury. Made in Italy is expressed through the inclusion in a storytelling activity inspired by the most recognized Italian values ​​in the world, such as fashion, cinema, wine and passion.

Three all-Italian stories in which the products were introduced within a narration of cinematic type, where even the details refer to the collective imagination of Italy abroad: panoramas, wine, locations and the unmistakable Italian real sound of the dialogues – namely, the captivating sound of the Italian language.

The floors and furnishing accessories have become the setting for a stylish fictional story, where, it seems, the talk is about something else – when actually, it’s about – but of course – the product. The inspiration comes from shorts movies, widely used by various fashion, beauty and cosmetics brands. An attractive alternative to communicate the value and positioning of our own brand.

The story


The protagonists are a successful film actor and an established Italian fashion designer. The two characters meet again after so many years, causing several questions to arise.

Were they together? Did something interrupt their relationship? Or it’s not even started, because they prioritized their careers? For sure, they once were lovers. Will this new meeting be able to recover their old feeling and be a new starting point?


The micro-movies are linked together, as if they were episodes of the same series:

1. “Playing Life”

2. “The return of the past”

3. “We are what we choose”

Each episode is a unique story, thematically linked to the product line to which the video is dedicated.

In the first micro-movie, set in an ancient, prestigious residence, we meet the Life line and we get to know the ways that the actor has to approach his own life, too. In the second episode, placed in the same context as the first, it is the past that returns, in fashion and in everyday life, to inspire Gazzotti’s Vintage line. The third episode expresses the theme of choice. Just as Rosa dei Legni has chosen to produce modern designed furniture and furnishing accessories using antique wood, our protagonists are called to make choices: in short, they have to decide how to furnish a loft, while on a larger perspective, they have to figure out whether to live like a couple or not.

In all the three micro-movies the floors and furniture become the third protagonist of the story, creating a different engagement of the user or potential customer, demonstrating also how a quality product can be inserted both within the context of a sumptuous living space and within a more contemporary environment.

What will happen to our protagonists? Will the story continue? Who knows: keep on follow us to find it out.