Gazzotti presents the new Slice collection, the successful compromise between a wooden floor and sustainability.

The line fits into what is already a wide range of solutions, celebrating the properties of real wood, such as acoustic and thermal insulation and healthiness generated within the environments.

No other material like wood is able to furnish a space and make it unique and welcoming, simply by its mere presence. That’s the reason why Gazzotti’s new Slice collection offers everyone the possibility to install a wooden floor, even in contexts where budgets are more contained, always putting the safeguarding of nature and the quality of life in the first place.


The stratigraphy

Slice’s wood comes from veneer, the most valuable part of the oak trunk, clean and without knots. The wood veneer is the result of a process, called shearing, to which the trunk itself is subjected, at the end of which very thin sheets are obtained – “slices” – also used in the world of furnishings for covering furniture and complements.

These wooden slabs are remarkably light and easy to handle and, at the same time, also markedly stable. Slice veneer is based on a natural support in high-density HDF, a wood fiber created from various types of wood waste and recycled wood. The counterbalancing of the dashboard is also in oak veneer.

The Slice line allows, with the same quantity and quality of the natural raw material, to cover up to six times the surface that would usually be covered using a 3-4 mm product of noble wood, saving on the use of the material and confirming Gazzotti as an eco-sustainable company, sensitive to the exploitation of resources.

Slice can be installed quickly in all environments both via glue-free floating installation with click-fit joints and the interposition of a suitable mat, and via glued installation to the underlayer.


The finish

All the products in the Slice collection are treated with six coats of ecological paint with corundum additive, a mineral that serves to provide greater resistance to wear, scratches and foot traffic. The nominal thickness of 0.6 mm allows to acquire, during the pressing of the various elements, the strength of the underlying HDF panel. This guarantees 40% more Brinell resistance than normal planks made up of 4 mm of noble wood and birch support. For this reason, Slice is perfect for your home. But also for high-traffic places, such as offices, hotels, restaurants, gyms and, in general, for all public spaces. Slice stands out as a warm and lively floor, made with wood in its natural essence.


What are the product pluses of Slice?

• Combines the sought-after properties of real wood with respect for ecology;
• has excellent quality;
• has a very high resistance to wear;
• it is suitable for underfloor heating thanks to its low thermal resistance;
• it can be installed floating or glued;
• is renewable, with dedicated maintenance products included in Gazzotti’s commercial offer.


Slice product range

Plancia Oak Feeling Selection, natural or colored, size 8,5 x 210 x 2100/2400 mm

vantaggio competitivo

Oak Classic


Oak Avorio


Oak Golden


Slice is a wooden floor that is truly in harmony with the nature that surrounds us and is able to guarantee the highest standards of living well-being.

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