Gazzotti’s Italian parquet has been chosen to floor three prestigious housing projects in South Korea. The residential complexes are designed by Raemian, a world-famous architectural brand and part of the Samsung C&T group.

Raemian has been at the top of the ratings in the residential architecture sector for several years, developing creations mostly in Asia, but also in the rest of the world. Among the best known structures built by the Korean company there are also the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, and the famous Petronas Towers in Malaysia.

Gangnam style with the Italian parquet by Gazzotti

As the undisputed leader of architecture and housing in South Korea, in recent years Raemian has created sophisticated and exclusive housing complexes in the most sought-after area of ​​Seoul, Gangnam. In three of these recently completed complexes, Gazzotti parquet flooring was used to characterize the interiors of all the apartments.

We are talking specifically about the residential complexes called Raemian Leaders One, Raemian Mokdong Adeliche and Raemian Laclassy.

These are refined and avant-garde housing projects, in the name of technology and sustainability, liveability and safety, elegance but also typical Korean functionality. Gazzotti’s Italian parquet fits perfectly into this context, giving that touch of Made in Italy style that makes any environment warmer and more welcoming.

Gazzotti’s Italian parquet and South Korea, the importance of a partnership

The partnership between Gazzotti and South Korean parquet retailers is strong and consolidated over the years. Italian parquet is in fact highly appreciated abroad and is chosen above all for flooring prestigious housing solutions. The wooden floor is appreciated in every room: in living rooms, in bedrooms – even in children’s ones – and in studies, in kitchens and even in small home gyms.

Gazzotti is proud to enter homes all over the world with its Italian parquet, and Korean ones in particular. Through passion, professionalism and the study of products that meet international tastes, the Gazzotti brand wants to stay on top of the desires of Asian designers and professionals.