Mediamorphosis, our communication agency with which we have collaborated for many years, spoke about us and told us about these years of working together.

Gazzotti is a leading company in the production of pre-finished parquet, founded in 1910, in Bologna, thanks to an intuition of Leonello Gazzotti: since then, it has been a point of reference in the sector, at an Italian and international level. A story, that of Gazzotti, made up of over 100 years of experience, knowledge of nature and raw materials, passion for beauty and design, technological and aesthetic innovation to create a parquet that excites, is beautiful to caress and look at, is eco-friendly and unmistakably Italian. Over the years, in line with new interior furnishing styles, Gazzotti parquets have been enriched with new wood species, new formats, compositions and installation patterns. The production culture, made up of rigorous selection of raw materials and constant attention to the quality of the manufacturing processes, however, has remained the same.

Our collaboration with Gazzotti began in 2013: soon the brand’s values and communicative potential appeared clear to us, and we began to work on various communication tools, as part of a high-level market positioning. Our paths diverge – for about two years – and since 2018 we have resumed working with the “new” Gazzotti.

“New”, because as many already know, the history of Gazzotti becomes from here onwards that of a brand that seemed destined to disappear and which, instead, has managed to rise again. The story of the Workers BuyOut of the Bologna company – which has also been given, on several occasions, extensive press and media coverage, as that provided by RaiNews and Il Venerdì di Repubblica, to name just a few – is an example of exceptional tenacity and courage on the part of workers who, faced with a crisis that seemed to have no way out, they decided to take action themselves, purchasing the company itself and becoming its owners.

Since then, our paths have no longer separated, and also thanks to the foresight and trust shown to us, through mutual work of exchange and enrichment on a truly daily basis, we can say that we have come a long way, together: it has been studied a value proposition calibrated to the company’s current needs and prospects, which led among other things to an effective and important rebranding operation, the planning and creation of various product and emotional photo shoots, the production of a romantic mini-series of videos for the web, aimed particularly at the international market and created thanks to Gazzotti Korea, the design and development of a new, immersive 3D Virtual Showroom, accessible from the company website, which presents the entire range of products , with the addition of exclusive content“.