Interior design is a world in constant evolution and renewal always starts with the floors. If in terms of decor, the mix and match trend is reconfirmed, with different styles and materials mixed together, there are news for the 2020 parquet trends. 

So let’s find out together what are the parquet trends for next year. 


Parquet trends 2020: formats

2020 will be the year of mini and maxi sizes! 

Mini sizes are increasingly trendy, because they can enhance even the smallest environments. The mini sizes are also ideal for those who want to give a more dynamic and creative style to environments. The recommended pose? The Italian (90°) and the Hungarian (45°) herringbones! 

Among the 2020 parquet trends, also the maxi formats that make the surfaces more homogeneous and therefore more in line with the essentiality of modern design. This format is also able to fully enhance the beauty of the texture and the grain of the wood. 










Also with regard to colors we are faced with two opposite trends: dark shades and light shades. The dark parquet, synonymous with charm and personality, gives the rooms a refined atmosphere. And when the essence of dark parquet is oak declined in more or less opaque antique colors, the glance is guaranteed. Before choosing a dark parquet, however, it is necessary to be aware that this floor is able to markedly change the perception of spaces, it is therefore recommended to use it in rather large rooms and with adequate brightness. The light parquet is preferable in environments with a more limited size. In fact, a light wooden floor acts as an amplifier of light, favoring the lighting of the rooms. The trendiest colors are sand, beige, gray and white. And if the mini size and herringbone laying are combined with light shades, the spaces will appear even more open and bright. The absolute protagonist of the 2020 parquet trends, however, is the materiality of wood. The natural processes that enhance the texture, the knots and the infinite colors of the essences are the real must have for next year.





And on the walls?

Dulux, a world leader in the coatings sector, has set the trend color for the walls of 2020: it is Tranquil Dawn, a delicate mix of greens. 

A color that goes perfectly with woods, white and black. Tranquil Dawn therefore combines perfectly with the 2020 parquet trends, whether you choose a light, dark parquet or a natural-colored wooden floor.  











Parquet trends 2020: surface finishes

As for surface processing, 2020 will be the year of the reconfirmation of brushed parquet. Brushing consists in removing the most tender part of the wood, so as to highlight its naturalness and texture. 

Brushed parquet is extremely versatile, natural and at the same time refined, it is perfect for any type of furniture.