Lighting changes the perception of spaces and the atmosphere you breathe inside of them. Light defines the identity of a place, gives character to the environments and highlights its volumes.

When choosing a parquet floor, there are many variables to take into consideration to create the right harmony: essence, color, geometry and direction of installation. There are several elements which contribute to making a wooden floor even more precious.

Light sources change the appearance of a floor. Parquet, being a living material, reflects veins and shades depending on the lighting mode. For example, if you want to give greater depth and breadth to the environment, it is recommended that the installation of the long side of the list takes place in the direction of the source of natural light, as for example a window. If, on the other hand, you want to make a room more intimate, the direction of laying the parquet should be diagonal to the light source. To maintain this effect even when natural light is not available, it is possible to place lamps and lights ad hoc, by carefully studying artificial lighting.

Artificial lighting and parquet

In artificial lighting, lighting takes on new decorative interpretations. LED lights, thanks to their suggestive effect and convenient energy saving, continue to be protagonists in the world of design. Retractable LED lights and the new generation lightboxes draw new contexts and use light as an element fused to architecture. Depending on your wishes, these supports can create a romantic, sophisticated and prestigious atmosphere.

An interesting aspect is their use in the lighting of a path, in which the same orientation of the parquet follows the beam of light that penetrates the rooms of the house. Or around the wooden steps of a staircase, for a suggestive effect, that allows you to move freely even at night without turning on the main lights.

LEDs are available in strip or spotlight versions and interact perfectly with the purity of wood fibers even outdoors. In addition to the sunset light function, the choice of LED light strips embedded directly in the perimeter elements in wood defines an elegant and strong stylistic gesture. A choice that aims to outline the architectural design, emphasizing the sensations related to spaces.

Lighting is crucial for good design, since it also affects the lights perceived size of a room. But not only that: it changes the mood of those who experience it and the way in which that particular environment is used. Light is able to engage mind and body in an ever-changing visual and sensory experience, giving each location covered with parquet a unique and unrepeatable personality.