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Freetime is Gazzotti’s line of outdoor wooden floors which, thanks to its resistance to atmospheric agents and elegant aesthetics, is ideal for paving gardens, terraces, pool edges, piers and walkways: a touch of sophistication that enhances outdoor spaces, making them cozier, more pleasant and natural, in perfect harmony with modern building trends..

Freetime is made of Teak and of Ipè, the most suitable wood species for outdoor deckings, thanks also to the strict seasoning process it undergoes. The planks can be supplied in raw or already oiled version.

At the time of installation, the floors, previously cleaned, must be treated on site with the specific, protective Gazzotti Sundeck Oil, in order to ensure the proper preservation of wood over time. Freetime products are not guaranteed if they are not laid properly, namely following the product sheet’s instructions or if the surface is not treated with the above-mentioned oil. Over time, the visible part of wood, exposed to atmospheric agents, may become slightly grey and show some small cracks: however, these must not be considered as defects, but as natural features deriving from the prolonged, permanent outdoor exposure.


Ipè and teak are among the most suitable wood species, when it comes to outdoor deckings.

The long sides of the planks are double-grooved and rounded, so that walking is safer. The installation can be carried out with concealed fixing with the use of special stainless steel clips or with visible screws, fixing the planks on the floating joists.

The planks are double-sided: the visible surface is knurled to obtain an anti-slip effect (e.g. in the pool edges), while the other surface is smooth, in order to give maximum prominence to the wood grain and highlight the naturalness of the product.



La gamma Freetime si suddivide in 2 differenti prodotti:


Dimensions Measures
Width 90 mm
Length 1500 mm
Thickness 19 mm

For laying on floating support profiles with retractable clips or visible screws. Lateral symmetric grooves, tongue and groove joint on short ends, one riffled and one smooth.


Dimensions Measures
Width 90 mm
Length from 920 to 2420 mm
Thickness 19 mm

For laying on floating support profiles with retractable clips. Lateral concealed grooves, tongue and groove joint on short ends, smooth upper face.

Installation on grass requires the previous flattening of the area to be paved and the insertion of two layers of non-woven fabric to reinforce the zones and keep grass from growing back between the planks.


Freetime can be installed on all types of subfloor, where an adequate slope has been provided to drain rainwater.
If the flooring is directly placed on a waterproof sheath, it is advisable to place the slats on special fixed or adjustable feet with rounded edges, in order to avoid possible scratching on the sheath.