What is the difference between a floating parquet and a glued one? Let’s see in detail the different installing characteristics.

Floating parquet

The floating solution offers an installation opportunity even where different installation methods are not possible.

In floating assembly, the parquet is placed on a surface – typically an existing floor – by placing a mat underneath. The floating system is recommended for installing wooden floors on a rough, uneven and crumbling substrate. Or in cases where there is a cement-based boiler not suitable for installation, which would require a preventive treatment.

The support is also the ideal choice for those who want to preserve the floor below, as happens, for example, in rented rooms. Its ease of recovery offers comfort and flexibility. Opting for a floating floor means having the possibility to remove it easily, to replace it with another one of a different pattern or color.

Floating parquet does not require the use of chemical derivatives. For this reason it is recommended for those who are attentive to the protection of the environment and the healthiness of their home.

To respect the logic of the rule of art typical of this system, the material of the sub-floor must be of high consistency and possess characteristics that are maintained over time.

Glued parquet

This type of installation is the best known and allows you to glue the parquet with high-performance adhesives with a low environmental impact. The glued installation must be performed on a solid, dry, clean and regular surface.

The installation is an operation that requires the use of skilled and highly experienced labor.

With the glued installation we obtain a solid connection between the parquet and the substrate. In this way, noises associated with footsteps and other acoustic vibrations are significantly reduced.

The glued parquet planks cannot move: this allows us to avoid installing expansion joints in our floor. This type of installation also offers the opportunity to smooth the parquet after many years. Choosing a parquet to glue means having an aesthetic and functional quality, which you can enjoy every day for a long time.

How to choose a floating or glued parquet

Both floating and glued parquet are suitable for laying on underfloor heating. Both are capable of creating the necessary sound insulation.

Sensitivity, personal tastes and the setting context determine the propensity for one or the other installation method. However, the recommendation is to always use materials that meet excellent quality standards and to rely on the expert hands of craftsmen capable of creating any installation system with the highest precision.