Noble, elegant and full of charm: the walnut parquet adapts to the most varied styles of furniture. From the most classic to the most modern, it fills the rooms with a sober and sophisticated color, mixed with orange and honeyed veins.

Characteristics such as resistance to wear and tear, as well as a known ease of processing, make walnut one of the preferred woods for making coverings and accessories.

It is also possible to lay parquet planks in environments such as the bathroom. In fact, walnut wood is stable and does not deform particularly with humidity, as it does not suffer from thermal changes.

Among the most famous species of walnut wood, we find the European Walnut, also called National Walnut, and the American one, known as Canaletto Walnut.

European Walnut parquet

parquet noce europeo

European Walnut, called by most National Walnut, is one of the most used woods to build parquet: a sort of timeless floor, chosen by those who prefer linearity with a touch of audacity.

It is an essence with very variegated tones, rich in fibers and shades that make it both refined and particular. It goes from greenish, to yellow to black, without two tables ever being homogeneous, in a combination of always original nuances.

Like the American one, the European Walnut is also easy to polish and finish. Its technical properties are excellent and that is why it can be used practically everywhere.

It is the perfect parquet for those who want to enhance the laying patterns, creating plays of colors and shapes. The result is an imaginative and never banal covering, capable of giving character to any space.

American Walnut parquet

parquet noce americano

The American Walnut parquet, also known as Canaletto Walnut parquet, in homage to the Venetian painter, offers an intense and full-bodied chocolate color, without too many veins or lighter parts, typical features of the European Walnut.

Its irregularities give it an unmistakable character: it is the ideal floor for those who love clean lines, prestige and timeless charm.

The American Walnut is a warm parquet that perfectly fits classy furnishings, such as precious curtains, antique furniture and antiques. In recent years it has also been combined with minimal, contemporary and glamorous styles, for a truly surprising final effect.

The resistance and sturdiness that distinguish it, allow it to be used anywhere: it does not present particular problems and that is why it can also be used on floor systems.

Its deep shine increases with the passing of the years and brings out even more the nuance of what is a parquet with a strong personality, but never intrusive.

Gazzotti’s Vintage Naturals line enhances both the American and the European Walnut parquet.

The Master Craftsmen rework and take care of the precious walnut wood, without altering in any way the raw material, of which they are perfect guardians.