Thanks to a more conscious attention to environmental issues which is also reflected in the choice of furnishings, eco-chic is an increasingly popular style. With an almost exotic charm, this style of furniture allows you to bring the colors of nature into your home, creating a relaxing and welcoming environment. And when it comes to eco-sustainability, the undisputed protagonist can only be wood. 

But let’s see in more detail what are the elements that characterize the eco-chic style.

Eco-chic: parquet is indispensable

eco chic

To furnish the house in perfect eco-chic style it is necessary to start from the floors. We know how much an oak parquet is able to make any space intimate and warm, a feature that stands out even more decisively when combined with natural furniture. Gazzotti18 natural oak parquet is therefore indispensable for recreating a refined and ecological environment. 

And to give a rustic touch to everything, you can add the timeless wooden beams on the ceiling.

Which furnishings to choose 

Wood, preferably light, is the main material of the eco chic style. This can be combined with accessories in wicker, rattan or metal; go ahead also for furniture made of recycled materials that give a touch of color and personalization to the rooms. 

Make way for wood also in the bedroom for bed, wardrobes and bedside tables, without neglecting some hints of color that make the atmosphere more welcoming. And again in the bathroom, where the tubs with rounded shapes can be covered with wood to recreate an intimate and relaxing space.


eco chic

The eco-chic style favors natural colors: neutral tones of wood, metals and material fibers. However, it is recommended to avoid cold shades, the natural style requires tones that have a more intimate rendering. So fill your home with cushions and curtains made of raw fibers such as linen, cotton or hemp in shades of beige. 

However, using only hazelnut, dove gray or sand color can make the rooms impersonal, so it is recommended to contaminate the beige tones with blue, green and orange. Make way for wallpaper with floral motifs, monochromatic carpets or cushions alternating with fabrics with designs that recall nature.

And a touch of color can also come from plants which, in addition to furnishing, favor the cleaning of the air by purifying it of pollutants.


The eco-chic style doesn’t end with the use of furnishings and accessories in natural materials. For an eco-sustainable home it is important to choose low consumption appliances. In addition to buying efficient appliances, it is important to learn how to use them consciously: the environment will benefit and you can earn on your bill.