When it comes to interior design, attention to detail is not just about the furnishings, but even about those elements that may appear to be secondary, such as the floors and the doors. Choosing the right doors can help improve the overall look of the room as well: this can be especially important when it comes to an environment where you want to put on chromatic games or a certain atmosphere.

In general, if the furniture is modern, it is advisable to choose matt-lacquered doors and a light-colored parquet. If, on the other hand, the style is classic, you can opt for dark wooden doors and a more intensely colored parquet. It should also be considered the tone of the furniture and other components, in order to ensure continuity of style.

How to combine the doors with the parquet

It is possible to combine doors with parquet, by following simple principles:

1. Choose a similar style, making sure the mood of the doors follows that defined by the parquet, so that there are no contrasts that may to a failure in finding a compromise.

2. Create delicate color oppositions. A light parquet can be combined with a dark door, but always keeping in mind the overall style of the room.

3. Enhance colors and finishes. A natural tint will look best when paired with a more marked color, in order to balance the elements between them.

4. Opt for understated styles. You can choose doors and parquet that have elegant, decorative finishes, avoiding elements that are too showy.

However, if you don’t want to give up unconventional solutions, for the kitchen and living room it is possible to be more daring, with doors in bright colors or with mirrored details. For bedrooms instead, a sober style is recommended, perhaps with natural wooden doors.



Wood and doors

Whatever variety of wood you decide to use for parquet, it’s a good idea to match it with doors that have a slightly different color tone. Any examples? If the furniture is in shabby-chic style and the floor in European Walnut, the furniture can be completed with slightly darker Walnut doors. If you have an Oak parquet and the furnishings are rustic or in Scandinavian style, however, bleached oak doors can be considered, in order to create a balance between all types of wood used for the furniture.
Even combining the essences used for the fixtures and floors contributes to embellish the whole environment.

To furnish a home in the best possible way, it is important to consider the spaces available, to establish styles and colors and then keep them consistent in all rooms: all kinds of creative results and dynamics can be achieved by using harmony.