Outdoor parquet is a very elegant solution for paving terraces, pool edges, walkways, access areas to homes or other types of outdoor surfaces; also known as “decking”, outdoor parquet is meeting the growing appreciation of architects and those who want to live their outdoor with style and practicality.

Parquet is therefore not a solution aimed exclusively at indoor environments. Today a wooden floor has become an option capable of making even the exteriors unique and special. Especially in the summer, decking can be an added value to enjoy the summer even more and to warmly welcome guests.


Every space has its decking

When choosing a parquet for outdoor use, durability and stability are very important factors. Above all, it is essential to identify the type of decking that best suits the space the floor is intended for.

The choice of the right outdoor floor, in addition to an aesthetic preference, must therefore also consider the stresses that the parquet will have to face: the expected intensity of the footfall, exposure to the sun, atmospheric agents such as rain, snow or frost.

The balconies, generally less frequented and more protected, can be made with materials that favor aesthetics over functionality. On an avenue or in any case in a passageway, a very resistant surface will be needed. For the poolside, the materials chosen must be designed to withstand water and humidity.

parquet per esterno piscina decking


Decking: which wood to use?

What are the most suitable wood essences for outdoor parquet?

First of all, it is necessary to mention Teak, traditionally used to cover ships. Teak is a precious wood, famous for its aesthetic, mechanical and physical qualities. In fact, its most important properties include water repellency, durability and resistance to salt and atmospheric agents. The oily resin contained inside, in addition to protecting it from water and thermal excursions, also defends it from attacks by insects and parasites.

Particularly suitable for decking is also Ipè, a wood that comes mostly from South America. Ipè has a high impermeability and is one of the hardest woods in existence. It also has very varied shades of color, ranging from light brown to olive green to reddish. Thanks to its natural oiliness, which keeps bacteria and molds away, Ipè decking can resist for many years.

Furthermore, with the modern treatments that are applied to the planks, an outdoor parquet becomes even more resistant and long-lasting, suitable for contact with water and exposure to the elements.


Characteristics of outdoor parquet

To “work” adequately even in outdoor environments, parquet floors must have some peculiar characteristics.

For example, the planks used for outdoor flooring must be made of solid wood. Furthermore, given the destination and use, the decking planks generally have rounded edges. The bevel will thus have the purpose of creating “non-slip” grooves, which favor the adherence of shoes or bare feet even in wet conditions. Another feature that avoids slipping is the fact that the outdoor planks are porous and not perfectly smooth.

Also as regards the dimensions, the planks destined to the outside must have certain characteristics. Gazzotti’s Freetime line, dedicated to outdoor floors, offers, for example, Ipè planks with a width of 90 mm and a length of 1,500 mm. Freetime Teak planks are always 90 mm wide and can be from 920 mm to 2,420 mm long.

decking parquet per esterno gazzotti


Maintenance of parquet for outdoor environments

To ensure that the decking retains its aesthetic qualities over time, minimal maintenance is required. At least once a year, the floor must be washed with a brush and a specific detergent capable of eliminating mold and dirt. Once this is done, with the floor dry, the decking must be restored with a coat of oil over the entire surface.

Oil for outdoor parquet, such as Gazzotti’s Sundeck Oil, is useful for restoring life and protection to wood, making it luminous and maintaining its original color for longer.

In short, the parquet will welcome and surprise you even outdoors. And with a few simple maintenance tricks you can enjoy its beauty for a long time. The usual advice is to always choose quality products such as Gazzotti ones and entrust the installation to qualified personnel.