Contrary to what many believe, dark parquet is a floor that can adapt to any style and furnishing need. Nevertheless, it is good to keep in mind that dark wooden floors are more suitable for installation in houses with a large square footage and with good exposure. 

Here are some general suggestions to make your furniture match the beauty and natural elegance of dark parquet.

Dark parquet: furnishing styles

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For those who love to combine tradition and innovation, the furniture style to combine with the dark parquet is the contemporary one. To recreate the perfect mix between classic and contemporary, it is possible to play with the chromatic contrasts between furniture and wooden floor. The combination of black and white is a combination that never goes out of fashion, dark parquet is therefore perfect to be combined with light furnishings, whether they are opaque or glossy. A clever arrangement of mirrors and lights will also allow you to highlight the shades and beauty of the dark parquet even more. 

In a slightly more classical context, it is recommended to avoid contrasting colors that are too strong. Furniture in dark woods helps to give elegance and solemnity to spaces, but be careful not to overload the rooms too much. To try to make the rooms more harmonious and welcoming, it is good to play with the shades of the wood of the doors and furniture, so as to make everything less monotonous. Floor lamps and some well-positioned design objects will also allow you to give a touch of uniqueness to the house. 

Those who choose to lay a dark parquet that retains the marks and authenticity of the wood, can combine it with a rustic style. In this case it is recommended to choose wooden tables and chairs, exposed beams from the ceiling and some industrial design elements to make the rooms more trendy. It is possible to be daring by combining dark rustic parquet with bright colors: sofas and fabrics with geometric patterns and accessories in bright colors.

Dark parquet: the walls

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As already mentioned, it is not recommended to lay dark parquet in confined spaces, but if you do not want to give up the elegance of a browner colored floor it is good to choose light colors for the color of the walls: in this way the rooms will appear larger and they will have greater breathing space. In a rustic-style house it is possible to opt for walls in shades of yellow, combined with fabrics of the same shades. Brick walls also fit very well with dark parquet and rustic style. Those lucky enough to live in large spaces, on the other hand, have the opportunity to choose warm tones such as gold for the walls. Those who are not afraid to dare can also opt for purple or acid green or even cover the walls with geometric design cement tiles.

The carpets 

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Everyone knows that dark parquet is able to make every room a classy environment, and a carpet can help to give even more elegance to the rooms.  Monochromatic carpets in bright shades allow you to illuminate the furnishings in a contemporary style and give liveliness to the rooms.

And if the classic style goes better with soft fabrics and soft colors, geometric designs and shades of blue and green are perfect for covering the parquet in a rustic style. 

And to satisfy every style need, Gazzotti18 proposes a heat-treated oak parquet perfect for dressing the rooms with the suggestions of the style you prefer. The variety of sizes, laying designs and colors allow not only to adapt to any environment, but to customize each room in a unique way, allowing you to create your dream home.