Unlike what is commonly believed, dark parquet is a very versatile floor and adapts well to any style and furnishing need.

There are different types of dark parquet, some even very different from each other. Beyond the shades, essence and texture chosen, here are some practical suggestions to furnish your home with taste. This article will provide some absolutely general guidelines to ensure that your furniture fits perfectly with the beauty and natural elegance of dark parquet.

Dark parquet: the contemporary style

parquet scuro

A contemporary style is perfect if you want to combine tradition and innovation. To recreate a unique environment, it is possible to play with the chromatic contrasts between furniture and wooden floor. Dark parquet – preferably opaque – combines perfectly with white furniture, whether in matt or glossy lacquer. The classic “black and white” combination never goes out of fashion: plus, it prevents any heavy or monotonous appearance of the internal room.

Make way for the use of mirrors and windows. By laying the floor in the direction of the light, the result will be to highlight the knots, veins and beauty of the dark parquet.

The classic style

On the other hand, if you prefer a more classic context, pay attention not to use too strong, contrasting colors. In this case, therefore, it is advisable to play with the shades of wood and furniture, giving movement and making the room around us harmonious and welcoming.

Oak and beech furniture best suits this style. If you prefer furnishings in darker shades, it is good to avoid overloading the rooms, in order not to burden the environment.

Also, floor lamps and design objects will then contribute in making your home and your style unique.

Dark parquet with rustic brushing

parquet scuro

If you choose a dark wood floor with rustic brushing for your home, you may furnish it with solid wood tables and chairs and exposed beams on the ceiling. To complete the picture, a beautiful fireplace will fill the your home with cozy warmth.

And if you dare, try combining your dark parquet with rustic brushing with brightly colored furnishings, sofas and fabrics with bright patterns, or even accessories with a strong accent of color. Even just a flamboyant carpet can characterize the room and allow you to customize the spaces.

And on the walls?

For not-that-big abodes, it is recommended to choose light colors for the walls, since they usually help make rooms appear larger. For the same purpose, light-colored sofas, curtains and cushions can also play a key role.

For a rustic-style house, it is possible to play with shades of yellow, a color that can be eventually characterize the fabrics, too. Walls with exposed bricks are also particularly impressive and perfectly match both the dark parquet and the rustic style.In the case of large spaces, you can also indulge in using the warm tones of gold or purple and acid green: the result will leave your guests breathless! And again, you can cover the walls with metal-effect tiles, creating a geometric design.