Intriguing and sophisticated, a dark oak parquet floor provides every room with class and refinement.

Oak is a fairly common wood and, above all, it is widely used for high quality and valuable parquet floors. It is one of the most welcoming essences: it has the ability to create a warm, harmonious and relaxing atmosphere.


Properties of a dark oak parquet

Dark oak parquet is the solution to make spaces more elegant. Beautiful to look at and to live, it conveys warmth and intimacy. Its surface has a coarse texture and an irregular grain: the resulting chromatic effect gives it an authentic and unique appearance.

The dark oak floor, thanks also to the veins that characterize it, manages to connect with the surrounding space and with the light that is reflected on it. It is precious in giving life to an original, but also restful environment, far from monotony and outdated furnishing standards.

When to choose a dark oak parquet


Dark flooring may seem like an unusual option, but choosing a parquet other than natural wood could be really intriguing.

Walking on it, even barefoot, has a certain effect in daylight, too. Using dark wood parquet in small areas, for example in the bedroom, is useful to better define spaces.

If, on the other hand, you opt for the dark oak wood texture over the entire living area, the result is that of visual continuity.

È It is advisable to move towards a dark parquet, especially if you have large sizes, since this type of color absorbs a lot of light. If you live in an apartment that is well lit and exposed to sunlight, a rustic cladding can really be the ideal solution.

An alternative solution concerns the installation pattern: this will determine important aesthetic dynamics. You can choose between the classic herringbone-pattern parquet or prefer geometric or even square designs.

In every installation of dark oak parquet, the prestige of the material and color dominates the scene.

The combinations

Dark oak parquet is the favorite of many designers, so much so that it is now recommended for every room in the house and no longer only for selected environments such as the living room or the sleeping area.

It is important to combine the right furniture with this type of coating. For example, we can think of a dark oak floor in a room dominated by white, or in any case by cold colors, to give the space that extra touch of warmth. Often, the dark color is essential to escape the feeling of an impersonal environment, as it creates pleasant contrasts. Dark floors combined with soft-toned walls and furnishing accessories maintain a timeless elegance, but it is also possible to play with some unusual and brighter shades.

Despite the passing of the years, this type of flooring manages to keep its charm intact. Even the climatic variations, however sudden they may be, affect its yield. Choosing a dark oak parquet means relying on a covering that is not only extremely refined, but also eternal.