If you have faced the renovation of your home, or have witnessed this phase, you are probably familiar with the dilemma of leftover parquet boards. It’s common to have some leftover material when installing wood floorings, and throwing it away would be a shame. But what can you do with the remaining parquet boards? The answer lies in creative recycling.

Rustic wooden shelves

One of the simplest and most effective solutions for reusing leftover parquet boards is to transform them into decorative shelves for your home. These rustic wooden shelves add a touch of vintage charm and bring a welcoming aesthetic to any room. You can use them to display family photographs, potted plants or art objects.

To make a shelf from parquet boards will take very little time. Just drill two holes at the ends of the plank and pass a fairly strong rope between them: in this way you will have a new shelf ready to be hung on the wall.

DIY coffee tables

If you have enough leftover boards, you can assemble them to create a DIY coffee table, with customized dimensions and design based on your needs and home style.

Bed headboards

Leftover parquet boards can also be transformed into bed headboards. Once you have chosen a panel large enough to serve as the base for your parquet, you can glue the planks onto it, according to the geometry you prefer. Paint or decorate the boards to suit your personal tastes, to create a unique headboard that will become the focal point of the room.

Wall storage holder

Creative recycling really means unleashing your imagination and creating many small objects: centerpieces, trays, spice holders and much more. Add hooks, shelves or small boxes to create a functional space for hanging keys, bags, hats or other essentials. It is possible, for example, to create a very personal key hanger to place at the entrance to the home. Simply overlap the planks and secure them, nailing or gluing them. Add some hooks and you will have your new key hanger. If instead you replace the hooks with knobs, you will have created a necklace holder.

Decorative panels

Parquet planks can be used to create decorative panels that add texture to the walls of your home. This solution is particularly effective in environments such as the living room or dining room. You can paint the panels or leave them natural to obtain a unique decorative effect.


Four parquet boards joined together will create a frame in which to insert a mirror or a photograph. And to make your creation more personal, you can paint the wood in the color you prefer. This is a simple idea to implement, but which can allow you to build an object of great impact.

Shower mat

By putting together a few planks of parquet, you will be able to create a wooden mat for the bathroom in a very short time. Place the planks a few millimeters apart from each other to obtain a “spa effect”. The rug can be placed at the foot of the tub or shower.

Recycling leftover parquet boards is an ecological and creative way to give new life to these materials: a gesture that will make you feel proud of your contribution to the environment and the sustainable aesthetics of your home.