When renovating your home, once the work is finished, it is certain that an indefinite number of parquet boards will remain. Here are some creative recycling ideas that, in these days of quarantine, will allow you to pass the time and create something very unique for your home. 

Do not be afraid of not being up to par, we have selected 5 simple projects for you, truly within everyone’s reach.

Creative recycling: shelf

It takes very little to make a shelf from parquet boards. You can drill two holes in the ends of the plank and pass a fairly strong rope between them: in this way you will have a new shelf ready to hang on the wall. 

The most skilled can instead fix the parquet boards directly to the wall with dowels.

Objects for the house

Creative recycling means unleashing the imagination and creating many small objects starting from the parquet boards: centerpieces, trays, spice holders and much more. 

For example, it is possible to create a very personal key hanger to be placed at the entrance. Just overlap the boards and fix them, nailing them or gluing them. Add some hooks and you have your new key hanger. If, on the other hand, you replace the hooks with knobs, you will have created a splendid necklace holder.

Headboard of the bed

riciclo creativo

This creative recycling project might scare most people, it’s actually quite a simple job. Once you have chosen a panel large enough to serve as a base for your parquet, you can glue the boards over it according to the geometry you prefer.


Four parquet boards joined together will create a frame in which to insert a mirror or a photograph. And to make your creation more personal, you can paint the wood in the color you prefer. This is also a simple idea to implement but which, by letting yourself be guided by creative inspiration, can allow you to build an object of great impact.

Creative recycling: shower mat

riciclo creativo

By putting together a few boards of parquet, you will be able to create a wooden bathroom mat in no time. Position the planks a few millimeters away from each other to obtain a “spa effect”. The rug can be placed at the foot of the tub or shower to add a zen touch to the bathroom.    


Unleash your imagination and, if you like, send us photos of your creations. You can write to us on Facebook or Instagram.