Combining parquet and tiles in the bathroom flooring is a creative choice that can produce surprising results. To avoid unexpected results, however, it is always better to rely on experienced architects in the design of these solutions.

Due to his vocation, Gazzotti prefers parquet flooring in every room of the house, without interruption. In any case, it must be said that mixed floors are becoming increasingly popular in the creation of bathrooms, especially in homes (but also in hotels and luxury structures) that want to stand out for that extra touch of class and originality.

In fact, combining parquet and tiles in the bathroom is an operation capable of creating surprising contrasts and turning a service room into a classy environment.


How to combine parquet and tiles in our bathrooms

We remind you that parquet can be safely installed in any room of the house, even in the kitchen. Just choose essences and finishes that guarantee resistance and stability, that is, that are able to withstand wear and humidity well.

As we have already seen, parquet in the bathroom is now a choice that has won the favor of designers and property owners. But even a bathroom with parquet and tiles can turn into a pleasant experience, especially in the case of large rooms. In fact, if a bathroom with a good size can be optically divided into different areas characterized by different coatings, for the smaller ones it is better to opt for a homogeneous coating.

For example, in the bathroom you can combine parquet and tiles, in stoneware or marble, placing the latter around the tub and using wood in the other spaces.

The choice of placing the tiles in correspondence with the bathroom fixtures, the shower and the sinks, so as to make them stand out from the rest, and flooring the passage areas with parquet can also be interesting.

accostare parquet e piastrelle in bagno


Mixed flooring in the bathroom: pay attention to combinations

It goes without saying that the way of combining parquet and tiles, the interlocking of the different formats and the combination of the parquet flooring colors with those of the other materials are variables to be taken into consideration.

As for the colors of the parquet, in domestic bathrooms, light-colored planks are generally preferred, as they match well with the furniture (since in the bathrooms the walls and furnishings are usually light).

To combine the parquet with the neighboring tiles, it will be necessary to maintain a balance between different colors and patterns. It is always better to avoid too marked contrasts between the two materials, but even proposing the same shade would not be effective. Too similar colors would make the whole homogeneous, thus nullifying the “wow” effect of the creative mix.

The same is true in choosing the colors of the flooring with respect to the walls. A too strong contrast risks being anti-aesthetic, while the absence of contrast flattens the volumes, making the whole rather “boring”.

Mixing different materials in the bathroom is possible. Because parquet, thanks to its elegant versatility, can transform a bathroom into a refined and original place, not only functional, but also beautiful and pleasant to live in.