You are furnishing or renovating your children’s bedroom and you are wondering why to choose a parquet floor?

If you think of a space where a child can wander, play, move freely and sleep, it is difficult to come up with something more welcoming and comfortable than wood.

Resistant and aesthetically matchless, parquet is an optimal choice for the room of your children, especially if they are very young. Tactile, beautiful to feel and to live, capable of softening sounds and never too cold.

Children’s bedroom: a space for play and sleep

A child’s room is his refuge: a place for sleep, reading and fun. A space that must put you at ease and instill safety and serenity. Therefore, the floor becomes an excellent game board, as well as a perfect stimulator of sensations.

Precisely for the particular purpose type, the bedroom lining for children must be solid, practical and easy to clean. But also, it must possibly be warm and well insulated, both thermally and acoustically. Children love to walk barefoot and lie down on the ground, thus spending a lot of time in contact with the floor. Walking barefoot is good for us all: it relaxes, strengthens muscles, improves sensitivity and circulation. For children, a natural massage has all the benefits of foot reflexology.

Wood floors are therefore warmer, but also less slippery, ideal for parents with little kids. Finally, let’s not forget that, with the right finishing treatment, parquet floors, in addition to being completely free of harmful emissions, are also stain resistant and water repellent.


Pronto Parquet ECOPUR® is the perfect solution for your children’s bedrooms


Everything that surrounds us can affect not only our mood but also and especially our health. Furniture, furnishing accessories and floors can change our psychophysical balance. The use of quality and certified parquet flooring is a great way to lay the foundation for a living space free from many of that agents favor the onset of allergies or asthma.

Born with the ambition of combining aesthetic performance and respect for the  environment, Gazzotti’s parquet floor with ECOPUR® finish gives shape to the concepts of high quality and attention to the healthiness of living spaces.

Gazzotti’s ECOPUR® parquet is the ideal solution to take care of your home and of his own family. It makes environments more hygienic and safe, easier to clean and maintain over time. Natural and certified, it purifies your living spaces from smog, microbes, dust, mites, pollen, germs, bacteria and viruses, even the most dangerous and resistant ones, such as Coronaviruses. ECOPUR®, in addition to making surfaces safer, performs an ionizing action, fights unwanted odors and refreshes all spaces.

That’s the reason why we can say that Gazzotti’s ECOPUR® Pronto Parquet is, without any doubt, an excellent solution for furnishing the spaces reserved for the little ones of the house with well-being, durability and beauty.